My Favourite Fragrances- Jean-Paul Gautier Classique

I love fragrance. When I was 15 I started work at a perfumerie and I adored it. It was my dream job. I would save for perfumes and use my staff discount, it was bliss. As a treat at Christmas our two managers used to be amazing. During Christmas we would get sent huge amounts of testers so that we didn't run out in the most busy time of the year. It would mean that after Christmas we would still have lots of unused 100ml testers of Chanel, YSL, Calvin Klein, Dior etc left over sometimes 4 or 5 of each.

Anyone who has worked in a perfumerie over Christmas knows it is hugely busy, slightly confused looking boyfriends and husbands, lots of wrapping and giftboxes. So by the time it hit Christmas Eve we were knackered. I loved it though, it was so exhilarating, finding out the scent palette of the customer, matching a new similar scent to them. Each of our managers would check the store room and then send myself and my two fellow perfume girls in individually to pick one of the unused testers as a thank you for our hard work. We may not have got bonuses but this was better. I remember one year leaving on Christmas Eve with a 100ml bottle of Dior J'Adore and Chanel Mademoiselle. I was delighted.

Since then I've always had an interest in perfume, my absolute dream is to visit somewhere like Homemade London where I can make my own signature scent. But until I do I have a whole selection of favourite fragrances that I consistently buy based on season and mood. I wanted to introduce a few of my favourites, today it's Jean-Paul Gaultier Classique.

The bottle is of course the epitome of soft sexy feminine. Gaultier has long been a fan of corsetry, and pageant. His designs for Madonna's Blonde Ambition tour, the conical bra alone is illustrative of that. He returned to the same aesthetic for Beyonce's I Am Tour creating bejewelled one pieces with structure and exaggerated hip builds.

The bottle echoes this femininity. It also plays right into my love of all things pin up. For those of you who don't know the scent it's a really sensual fragrance, a strong spice with a hint of floral rose as well. I love it but it is one that people will love or hate. It isn't quite as strong as some fragrances as I believe it's softer than Orchid based scents but it has a nice lingering finish. It's also very distinctive. 

When I wear it it really stays on the skin all day, after about an hour when it has warmed on the skin it has a lovely soft heady aroma which is gorgeous in summer nights. It always reminds me of warm evenings in LA and the scent on my shoulders.

I think for everyone scent is the most potent memory inducing device, whenever you have a positive memory of a scent it will probably always be your favourite.

What's your favourite scent?

Much Love

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