A New Year Looms Large

-discovered Zumba
-discovered my knees do not like Zumba
-lost weight
-dyed my hair every colour I could think of
-rewatched all my teenage favourite shows, My-So-Called-Life oh yes
-had a moment of panic at getting older
-started to learn how to take pictures
-began work on two publications
-set up my blog at blogspot
-watched amazed as people read my little blog musings
-made new friends
-stood up to those who were taking advantage
-painted and decorated
-began to follow blogs I love reading
-realised that I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up
-played around with eyeliner 
-went crazy for crafts
-made all my own decor for the house
-worked far too hard
-dealt with cancer
-finished my doctoral thesis
-baked so many cupcakes I had one for every day of the year
-spent time with wonderful friends
-celebrated a birthday and a housewarming all in one
-met loads of fantastic local bloggers
-saw a huge amount of films I never thought I'd see and enjoy
-fell more in love
-discovered great products with the help of blog friends
-had my first test showing no recurrence of cancer
-passed my doctorate
-managed to get more clothes covered in pug hairs
-was continually amazed at the kindness of twitter folk
-got an x-box kinect and discovered a love of Dance Central I didn't know I had
-added to my repertoire of meals I love to cook
-learnt to share the kitchen with himself (he's a fantastic cook)
-cut my hair too short, but survived
-Got to December 31st and am still smiling

I spotted this lovely little idea on Charlotte's blog Girl Next Door Fashion it is so strange to try and make a list out of everything that happened. It's been a good year in all but I'm glad to see the back of it. I have great big lovely hopes for 2012 and I have lots of wonderful plans already. Himself bought me tickets to Wicked in the West End in April so we'll be having a nice trip to London together in April. We're even talking about jumping on the Eurostar and spending a day in Paris. I'm so excited. 

I'm hoping 2012 will be another fun year and I can celebrate the first year of my blog in March with some kind of epic giveaway. Hoping that you all will still enjoy reading Inanity and the Girl, and I hope your 2012 will be all kinds of epic too!

In 2012 I will:


Much love to you all, do you have any resolutions this year?

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