Schwarzkopf Live Colour XXL Foam - A Review

I had no intention of reviewing this product then I used it and I was COMPELLED to! So sit back folks and let me tell you all about it.

What is it?

It's an extension of the Live Colour XXL range. Its 'selling point' is that it is a mousse.

What is the selling point?

The 'selling point' of this product is that it is easier, non messy and apparently 'fun' to apply.  I always use the normal Live Colour XXL dye with traditional bottle and piping nossle applicator. When a product is 'upgraded' or at least something new is launched one would expect it to bring something fresh. The 'freshness' of this seems to be that instead of having the product already a mousse you get to make it yourself. Wow, just like Masterchef.

Now mousses are not new on the market. I was using mousses as a teenager in the late 90s, Wella Colour Mousse anyone? So the fact it is a mousse did not lure me or surprise me in any way. What made me pick up the pot was the fact they promised me 'application like a shampoo', 'lovely', I thought, 'a nice light consistency, I'll happily give that a try'.

So the application is apparently what makes this product new.

Does the application live up to the hype?

In short, NO. Not even a little bit. The box promises 'fun easy application' believe me there is nothing fun about this application. In fact I would go as far as to say that it's so far from fun, fun wouldn't be able to pick it out of a line up. Anyone who dyes their hair a lot knows their way quickly round an applicator, how to cover roots properly with no colour build up. The problem here is for a product which is selling itself on application ease, it is far from easy. The mousse consistency is far from a shampoo lather. A shampoo lather is a lot less dense. The mousse also is a nightmare for equal coverage of roots. The consistency is too thick to properly work it into a lather which would be massaged into the roots. It is also a huge task to section the hair repeatedly and apply the mousse along the partings when it doesn't spread well. So the application is not innovative and fun, it is annoying and time consuming.

Product consistency and colour

I created the mousse as instructed, shook it vigorously 40 times and set about application. In the mousse there were balls of unintegrated colour though which made me uneasy, as I approached the bottom of the tub it was ridiculously dense with powder. I decided to shake it a little more in the hope that would help, it didn't do much. I decided not to use the colour at the bottom as it was much more intense than the mousse at the top and it would cause a tonal difference.

 Shoddy stuff. I followed the instructions exactly, shook it the right amount of times and it still wasn't mixed well. I ended up going over it with a very wide toothed comb as I was very unhappy with the way it had gone on and was sure no matter how meticulous I had been I would end up with roots that hadn't been covered. I was really worried about the tonal differences also as the colour didn't seem to have mixed throughout the mousse evenly which meant that my hair would be different shades. Lovely.

The clean up

We all know that cleaning up after dying is a pain but this promises no mess, non drip so it should be even easier. Wrong. It drips more than its liquid counterpart. As you're having to scoop it out of the tub all the time it gets a bit unstable, and having to scoop great whacks of mousse to try and do delicate roots around the face without hitting skin is an art in itself. Even though I'm a practised hair dye gal (mine never gets messy or drips) this was an actual nightmare. I bring you exhibit A, my robe which I wear to colour (it's cold in the bathroom) my hair isn't long enough to hit the collar and it's an old robe so I don't worry. But the mousse dripped and went all over it! Great huh?

The gloves also are wonderful. Now the normal gloves that come with the Colour XXL are fine, these gloves really aren't. They split after 2 minutes and my hands ended up covered in dye. Now of course I got it off as dye+dye = colour removal but even still it was an absolute mess.

                                                                                    Colour result

As predicted roots have been missed, even though this dye session took me about twice as long as usual because I had to be so meticulous. Even then it was fruitless as I still missed some of the roots. There was also a slight tonality difference which has clearly come from the poor mixing of the two ingredients. My hair doesn't feel any more conditioned or soft. And please don't even start me on the supposed 'strawberry scent' Yuk.


I wouldn't use this again if I was offered a lifetime supply. The only people I can think that might find this product preferable to the usual nossle applicator are teenagers who have no roots and who like the novelty of mixing their own colour. Or perhaps those who find a nossle applicator tough to use for whatever reason. But I'd argue even squirting the dye from the nossle applicator onto your hand and applying it onto the head that way would be preferable and easier than this.

To introduce a product whose selling point is the ease with which it can be applied, when in actuality it is a nightmare to apply... well seems a whole other level of foolishness.

Leave well alone, this is nothing but a way to make a little more money with something new and shiny. Shoddy, poor result, stick to your normal dye.

Much Love Folks

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