Vintage Thursday- Back to the 1930's

Last week I did a post on my favourite articles and pictures from a vintage compilation style book from the 1930s. I thought I'd continue it as it's Thursday again and I have more articles I'd love to share with you. So here goes.

Ok we're a bit late from Christmas but I love these dresses

Is it bad that I absolutely love these hats? Especially the one at the bottom.

This picture is amazing, look at that perfect lipstick, the amazing brows and those cheekbones! She looks fabulous.

Miss Beringer is solving all those make-up woes, even in the 1930's women were still pretty preoccupied with their bases. It's good to know some things haven't changed.

Gosh aren't these divine! I think I'm going to be ripping pages out of this book to frame, honestly there are too many amazing pictures which I just want to put all over the house!

I've always fancied having my character changed by a hat. I credit Gaga for bringing sculptural hats back into mainstream wear. Ok we all have our berets and our bowlers, thank you Kate Moss but I really hope hats start coming back. I know I always feel so fabulous when I wear my fascinators or my vintage hats.

I love this picture as it's very light and dark. I think the black jacket is my favourite.

Hope you enjoyed this week's vintage Thursday, do you think I should do another next week?
So what do we think, bring back hats?

Much love 

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