Vintage Thursday- Back to the 1930's

It's Thursday again so it's another vintage Thursday and we're going back to the 1930's. This week brings more beautiful beauty from the very fashionable decade.

It is very important to keep those eyes young. Cucumber, nothing ever changes.

I bet you've always wondered if you had a film face, and lord only knows the 1930s produced some of the most beautiful screen goddesses there has ever been so heck I would love a film face!

Now this is no cutout swimsuit but I think they're very charming in their own way! Would you wear one of these girls?

I love the glamour of this, jetting off for the weekend in the country. What to pack, accessories, and will they wrinkle! 

Odette is still my favourite person! I love these sketches. Billowing sleeves evoking those medieval gowns oh it all just leaves me aflutter!

A bit late for Christmas I know! Maybe you can still use some of the inspiration, even some ideas for the dog.

So how do we in our twenties spend our dress allowances, do they resemble this at all?

I will never not be in love with art deco furniture, I adore this picture.

Well this was the last of the vintage Thursday posts, maybe I'll resurrect them again if you like them. I know I've really enjoyed doing them. Anything from the 1930s is fine with me.

Much Love

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