Vintage Thursday

I recently bought this very fabulous book and I had to share with you some of the terrific articles, illustrations and photographs. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

I bought it in Past Times, Isn't it fab? Now you girls know me, and you know how much I love vintage styling and most especially the 1920's 30's 40's 50's. Ok I know I find it very hard to pick a decade, from victory rolls, to pin curls it's tough! But this book has compiled articles in beauty, fashion and lifestyle from the 1930's how very, very marvellous!

I love this picture isn't it utterly gorgeous!

Elastic hats! Who'd have thought it!

I just adore these hairstyles! The thing is I've seen them all back on the red carpet in the last couple of years. Isn't it so strange when fashions come back around on themselves over and over again. It does make you think nothing is really original any more.

Don't they look so elegant? Whatever happened to having tea dressed like this, can I propose we start again?

Well now you know what the ladies are wearing in Paris. Hey aren't we wearing short capes and longer skirts and lots of plaid accessories too...

I hope you enjoyed this guys, I adore looking at anything vintage and I think I may do a couple more posts from this book as I just think it's fabulous. Let me know if you liked it. Are you inspired to rock some pin curls?

Much Love

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