Duchess Ravenwaves beats Maiden Curlycrown

Firstly those of you who got that reference get the biggest high-5 I can muster. The Lady Lovelylocks crew are of course just the pinnacle of my childhood. If you aren't aware Lady Lovelylocks and the Pixietails is an entire show about hair. Lady Lovelylocks and her fellow ladies are living the high life in her gorgeous hair based castle, arch enemy of Lady Lovelylocks is the fabulously nasty Duchess Ravenwaves with her companions Snag and Hairball (you see how this works).

Lady LovelyLocks and her Pixietails

I've always been a great fan of the Duchess, even as a child she was my favourite. Although folks don't get me wrong Lady Lovelylocks has some enviable hair, her colour inserts will give Katy Perry a run for her money.
The last few months I've had bright red hair, but gradually I've grown tired of it. I love red hair on other people but I'm just not that keen on it on me anymore. You may remember my post all about my dye adventures here and it seems they haven't ended yet.

I waved bye bye to my Maiden Curlycrown look.

I had grown tired of it, and I felt like I needed a bit of a shine boost so I decided it was back to the Ravenwaves.
So I've gone back to my dark ways. I can't say back to my roots because naturally I'm a dark blonde but I was so annoyed with the job that the colour mousse had done to my hair (Colour XXL Foam post) I just wanted a shiny sleek new colour. 

I'm pretty pleased with it, oh I know what you're thinking folks, I'll be tired of it in a week. Most likely. But for now my hair is shiny and healthy looking and I like it! 

Until next time 

Much Love


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