Going Grey: Soap and Glory Lid Stuff and NYC Lashes

I'm a really big fan of a palette, especially when they're tonal. When I've spied the Soap and Glory Lid Stuff palettes I've noticed they consist of four toned colours which all go on to create a full eye look.

I particularly like the sparkles in the dark grey, it's perfect for adding on top of a contouring shadow for a little sparkle

Here are the swatches on my hand in daylight. The lightest white doesn't show up at all but rather creates a nice base for the other shadows to go on. On the left is the sparkle grey in the middle is the Soap and Glory embossed silver grey and the darkest matt grey is on the right.

I realised I was wearing the whole palette as I was ready to go out yesterday so I quickly snapped some shots so you can see it on my eyes. You will also notice my NYC lashes. They're very dramatic!

Not the best picture as it was taken when I was out but you can see that I have my liner on and the palette is really easy to tone with.

I needed to give you a proper view of the lashes aren't they HUGE. The lovely folks at NYC popped these in my goodie bag when I was at the Sugahfix bloggers day. I love how unbelievably dramatic they are. I had to do this pose (like I need any persuasion) so you could see the lashes with their full length.

So there we go folks, Lid Stuff by Soap and Glory and NYC falsies. Do you love these crazy lashes as much as me?

Much Love

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