Kindles, They're No Replacement For Books Don't You Know

It's not Valentines Day yet, himself has given me my Valentines present though. We're rubbish at keeping presents from each other, mainly because we know how happy the other person will be. So consequently we give a lot of gifts early. He, knowing me better than I know myself, got me a Kindle. She's called Meryl don't you know.

Well let me tell you this, I am besotted! I love being able to read all the books I've wanted to simultaneously (as is my want) without carrying 3 or 4 books around with me. I haven't found many of my research books in the Kindle store. I think it's pretty clear that mostly they aren't digitised, but I'm making do with lots of lovely fiction. It's become dead handy for pdfs and I've digitised my doctoral thesis to make it easier to amend things for conferences.

But, the most important thing...what kind of cover was I going to get?

I looked all around at Kindle covers and realised quite quickly that the ones I liked the most were the converted book covers. But and it's a big but...have you seen the price of them? I was on Etsy and some ranged from $40-$60 on Ebay some others were £25.00 lowest. Personally I think that's a bit nuts. You know me folks, when it comes to doing something I'd rather do it myself. So I gave it a go.

Take one book. I picked this T.S Elliot book up in a charity shop, it's about 50 years old but a lot of the pages were old, crumbly and stained. I really liked the cover design but the dust jacket is a bit bashed as well. Luckily I'm a fan of books that look their age. But the inside was nearly ruined with pages missing. I thought this made it a good candidate for a make over.

I slit the internal lining and removed the pages. I decided to hang onto them as I will no doubt use them in future craft projects. It won't matter then if a few pages are missing or damaged.

I then papered the inside with the title pages from the book to make it a little more authentic. I added a black ribbon down the book spine to create a book mark.
I then slit the linings to feed black ribbon through to act as holders for the kindle. They were fastened under the lining and then I attached my Kindle. Voila.

So there we are, done. In all the book cost me 50p and the ribbon I already own. Bargain by my standards!

What do you think?

Much Love


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