Kissing My Bubbly Frog: Popping My Lush Cherry

I've been a Lush virgin for a long time. I once ventured in and bought a face scrub I'm not really sure what it did as I put it in the fridge and consequently forgot about it. By the time I remembered it had gone off (boo). Recently I was seeing a plethora of lovely Lush blog posts, I was wooed by the prospect of fizzy pretty bath bombs. So I decided to venture in to the wall of smell that is most Lush shops. I was meandering by the bath bombs and a lovely sales assistant came over telling me she liked my red hair. We chatted all about hair, she had a very fantastic purple fringe. As I mulled over what to get she came up to me with the contact details of her hair extension supplier as we'd been talking about it. Wasn't that lovely? I think that we're so used to really mediocre sometimes bordering on rude service, that when someone is really charming it blows our socks off.

I left the store with a little catalogue. I don't know the range well at all, I just finished reading the little newspaper they gave me free with my purchases and I didn't know they did half the products in it! Shampoo! Hair Dye! I'm amazed.

To properly pop my Lush cherry I decided to go for sheer novelty, and got a very glittery bar and a frog bath bomb.

Very exciting right?

I sort of choked when I saw the price of them. I mean we've all used bath bombs before they're sort of gritty fiascos. But I decided to take the plunge and see what all the fuss was about.

1. Take a very hot bath, duck optional. 

2. Select bath bomb. I went for the frog for the novelty mainly. He has cocoa butter lips apparently.

3. Anchors away! Throw bath bomb and try not to drop camera in bath whilst chronicling the experience.

4. Watch as his little lips whizz around the water. It sort of looks like the Wicked Witch of the West meeeeellllting!

5.Stand back and observe the overall hue of your new bath. Check out the greenness! (Oh and the pink duck).

6. And before you step in something floats up to the surface of the water...what could it be? A little white piece of paper.

Oh Prince Scott I never knew you cared! What a nice little touch though. I climbed in and the bath smelled amazing, and I have no idea if I noticed the cocoa butter but it was really relaxing and definitely fun. I'm sold on Lush I'd love to try more of their pieces.

Much Love

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