Lost in a Lipstick Jungle: Losing My Lipstick Virginity

I don't wear lipstick.



I don't think I've ever worn it. Apart from the free lipsticks I got on the cover of Just Seventeen or Shout as a 12 year old I don't think I've used it. I'm a gloss girl. Glosses, plumpers, stains, sheens, balms. But lipstick? No.
This year I vowed to change that, I promised myself I would pop my lipstick cherry. I recently had seen some wonderful lipstick posts, they filled me full of envy for their beautiful berried lips and I decided 'now is my chance!'. So I meandered into Boots to look for a red that I liked. Ideally I wanted a berry red, not a corvette red or a pinky red, berry red was my goal. And I found it. Hurrah.

I picked up the 17 Supreme Shine Lipstick in Rich. It's new on the rack and I found that it was the only one that had the right shade I wanted.

With and without flash

A simple mascara and lippie combo

Pin Up make up

Up close on the lips, I was trying some shading and highlighting techniques but it created a really cute plummy pink colour. This is with flash same lips as above. It's much darker minus the flash. 

I am totally useless though, it seems to come off really quickly as it is very creamy and shiny. But how the heck do I keep it on. I've been caught red faced more than once the last few days with dark lip liner and no lip colour on my lips (it's very Jersey Shore I'm told) help me beauty girls what do you use?

So what do you think, shall I go back to no lippie?

Much Love

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