Lovelorn and Loved Up: My Introduction to MAC

Today I opened my mail and had a small (rather large) squee to myself. Lovely Emma from Em's Mixed Bag  had sent me a MAC lipstick! I had won her giveaway a couple of weeks ago and the prize fabulously was your pick of a MAC lippie. I went for Lovelorn. It's such a nice pink and a really everyday colour. I think Emma ended up getting herself Lovelorn as well so it is a really popular versatile colour.

Gorgeously wrapped from Em

This is it in daylight, in my little backyard with the pug running around my heels. It's a really gentle pink.

With flash

Without flash in daylight

I think it's really pretty. Em had said to me that I'd love the MAC lippies because they were so creamy. I have to say she's right. My last (and first) lippie post where I tried out my first lipstick I was pondering how to keep it on. I also remarked how stressful it was worrying about the dark colour coming off leaving me with dark liner. You were all wonderful and by giant consensus have told me that lipcote and a foundation/primer will see me good. Thanks guys. This colour doesn't need it which is fabulous. I'm a bit worried now, I think this may be the start of a lipstick obsession. Uh oh!

You can check out Emma's blog here Em's Mixed Bag she's lovely so do say hello.

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Much Love

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