Snowflakes That Stay On My Nose And Eyelashes: Introducing The Vintage Cosmetics Company

When I got asked by the lovely folks at The Vintage Cosmetics Company if I'd be interested in looking at their lovely vintage lash range I didn't even need to think about it. Heck Yes! You all know me well enough folks to know how much I love vintage chic and also how much I love my lashes. This could not have been any more up my street.

When a lovely little package arrived from The Vintage Cosmetics Company I found a set of 'Betty' lashes, a set of 'Gracie' lashes and their new eyelash curler. I decided to try out the curler first!

The packaging is completely adorable lots of 1950s style flower prints and a powder pink and blue box. The curlers themselves are very sturdy. I noticed the spring at the front creates a really strong curl and means that you only have to use a little pressure to close the curlers. 

The set comes with a little clip to keep the curlers closed as the spring means they stay open all the time. The set also comes with a spare set of curler pads. They're very sturdy and give my poker straight lashes a nice little curl.

These are the 'Gracie' lashes, they are very girly and pretty. They have a natural curl and very little lash seam so they don't show when they're on the lash line. I think these are perfect for a really natural look as they aren't too dramatic. 

The box gives the description of the lashes as 'cute and girly' which describes them really well. When I wore them I thought the effect was really light and pretty.

'Gracie' lashes on me

I really like the 'Gracie' lashes on me, what do you think?

The second set of lashes I was sent was the 'Betty' lashes. These create a different look. They're to enhance 'almond eyes' and give a 'pretty kitty' look. They have a much more defined seam and are a smaller lash than the 'Gracie'.

I definitely found these a little bit more difficult to apply, that is just because there's a larger seam. They're still relatively straightforward though, strip lash pros won't bat an eyelid at applying these (no pun intended). I'm a little bit useless with strip lashes so the fact I can get them on bodes well!

'Betty' Lashes on me

This is the 'Betty' lash on me, I think you can see how different it is to the 'Gracie' it really creates a much different look which is heavier at the corners. I think again even though you have a longer lash grouping at the corner it looks pretty natural.

What do you think of the 'Betty' lash?

I'm really impressed with the lashes I've tried, I love the 1950s theme and lash names it adds a lovely sense of vintage whimsy to them. At the minute the lashes cost £6.00 but you can also get a set of curlers free with them, bargainilicious. There are 5 sets of lashes in all, 'Nancy', 'Kitty', 'Connie' and the two I've shown above, 'Betty' and 'Gracie'. They all create different looks and can be bought as a large set called 'the girls'. 

They create a look that will work for the daytime as well as a gentle night look. I've noticed that the adhesive is much thinner than other lash adhesives I've used and it is stronger so the lashes don't budge unless you really want them to come off. Because of this I'd recommend you apply the adhesive and leave it for 3/4 minutes to get tacky, this makes application much easier. It also means you're not worried about the lashes going AWOL down your face, (nightmare).

Check out their website, here, it's so cute!

Until next time folks.

Much Love


Claire said...

I have never heard of this company but the stuff looks great - I love the gracie lashes on you x

DawnieP said...

Thanks! I like the Gracie too! They're really fine so there is no tell tale line lol

Rebecca from See Me Rwar said...

Those lashes look great on you! I love the fuller ends on the Gracie.

See Me Rwar

Gabi Noel said...

love the gracie lashes!
LOVE your blog. check out mine :)
xx gabi

Ioana-Carmen said...

Nice post! Check my blog and follow me if you want!

Robyn said...

Love the look of the Gracie lashes!! I'm def going to have a little shop on their website when I get paid I think... Thanks for the great review!

fluff and fripperies said...

Those Gracie lashes are adorable! xo

daisychain said...

Those lashes look amazing!

Sara said...

Oh ah those Gracie lashes look beaut!!

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