Button Love: Inanity and the Girl Arrives on Facebook...and Bloglovin, Pinterest and Twitter

Hello my lovelies,

Those of you with super observant eyes may have noticed that I have a whole spate of new buttons in my sidebar. I'd been wanting to make it more uniform for a while now as all the different buttons were making me a bit twitchy. So I've create a whole load of active buttons which are connected to different ways to follow the blog or information. I thought I'd briefly take you through them!

Pretty self explanatory, this little button will take you straight to my Twitter feed and you can follow me @inanitysgirl. So if you want to chat or send me the odd tweet that's where you can do it!

This button will take you to my new Facebook page. It's all brand new and shiny and I'm hoping to get some activity happening so I can do polls and questions and maybe some little Facebook give-aways as I know it's easier to see updates on Facebook as obviously people's Facebook moves slower than their Twitter or readers. So if you want to be part of the Inanity and the Girl Facebook page then it's here, do give it a like that would be really lovely! I'd love to be able to chat with you all on it!

I have become a member of Pinterest and I'm having fun pinning things to different boards, if you want to follow my rockabilly, vintage, pug related pins then you can give me a follow by clicking the pinterest button which will take you to my account.

For those looking for alternative ways to follow now many blogs no longer have GFC my Bloglovin' page is connected to the Bloglovin button. It's a really nice way to follow blogs and I'm following many who no longer are in my GFC reader this way. 

Every month I send out a blog newsletter. It summarises the blogs from the previous month and talks about what to expect in the coming month, including my favourite things, upcoming give-aways, discounts I've found and the occasional recipe. The newsletter button will take you through to a little form where you just enter your email address and you'll be put on my news letter list. I love writing them, do humour me!

This is pretty straightforward, it just takes you to my contact page. So if you have something you're desperate to tell me, or just want to say hello, suggest a post, talk to me about something then this will show you all my contact emails.

So there you go! I'd love it if you would give my Facebook Page a wee like, it would make me do my super smiles lol.

Hope this helped, much love till next time

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