The Dorothy Obsession Continues: Making My New Kindle Cover

I have a bit of an obsession with The Wizard of Oz from the shoes to the cupcakes I've made them all. I recently found this little book in a charity shop and adored the cover. It looked really different and stylised from the usual covers I'd seen. I decided being that it was 50p I had to make it into a kindle cover.

Isn't this a gorgeous little cover?

I stripped the inside.  I used a publishing card to cover the inside then attached and fastened my elastic to hold the kindle. I'm already using the pages from the book in another furniture project!

Love the illustration

Works just fabulous as a kindle holder!

So that is tonight's little craft project. I keep meaning to make more to sell. I have some Agatha Christie books that would make wonderful kindle covers.  Maybe I'll launch a little blog shop!

Much Love

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