High Flyin', Roundhousin', Kick Ass: Soap and Glory's Kick Ass Concealer

It's that time again, the time that I delve into my Soap and Glory drawer and pull out another lovely item for a post. I've been pondering what would be the best thing to post about today and my skin made the decision for me. I was standing at the mirror liberally applying Kick Ass Concealer like my life depended on it and I took it as a sign. So today is all about Soap and Glory's Kick Ass Concealer.

I normally use stick concealers or applicator concealers so this is new to me. Kick Ass Concealer comes in a 2 part compact. I was really surprised as it's a very sturdy elaborate compact, which even has directions.

It's marketed as a '3 piece flaw camouflage kit'

Part 1 is the concealer duo in the bottom of the compact, along with a really handy mirror. 

In daylight the colour of the duo is apparent. There's a fair coloured concealer for blemishes and there's a really nice salmon coloured concealer for under eye concealing. I was actually quite chuffed with the under eye concealer as it stops that very odd flat look you get with too light an under eye concealer. 

Step one you dab on the concealer. DAB not rub.This may just be me but as a side note isn't dab an odd word, say it a few times and you begin to believe it isn't actually a word. I know, I checked. Back to my point though, you get the best effect when you dab rather than rub as it diminishes the redness.

Part 2 of the process, you flip the mirror over onto the concealer segment and you have a very light translucent setting powder. I was glad it was really lightweight as I have a fundamental issue with powders being all cakey and powdery on the face. This is light though and takes the moisture sheen out of the concealer to stop it rubbing off throughout the day.

I think for me I appreciated the mirror as I don't take make up out with me very much but when you have a blemish you're acutely aware of it and you want it covered as much as possible. I get really paranoid if I have one so it's handy to whip out when you have a moment to yourself and quickly check.

I have one photo of me wearing the concealer. I've used it to disguise a breakout and my not enough sleep eyes, see if you can spot the blemish, I know what a proposition I'm a glutton for punishment clearly!

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Ok Ok! Don't look too carefully!

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Much Love

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