Pin Up Side Fringe Minus The Scissors: Vintage Fringe Tutorial For Those Girls Who Don't Want The Chop

It has been forever since I did a vintage hair tutorial. Today is just a little one. I love vintage hair but I sometimes get tired of full vintage rolls and wanted to opt for a faux vintage fringe.

I don't to videos I like to keep it all vintage.  I've wanted to have a fringe forever but I really don't suit them. So I tend to have a long side fringe, there are times when I want do create a cute vintage fringe though and this is how I do it. Technically this isn't Bettie Page as it is much shorter, you can do her fringe with some hair rats.

This is a little picture heavy but it's really easy. You want to create that really rounded fringe and because you're not cutting it it's nice to emphasise the shape.

I'm currently running a poll on my Facebook Page to find out what is your favourite vintage hair style? From the 1920s right through, let me know what you think!

So lets start with my normal hair...

Derpy face I know

1. Next you want to section off your wannabe fringe. Take a large triangle temple to temple and brush it out. If you can give it a straighten so it's nice and smooth.

2. Pull out the section and tuck rest of hair behind ears. Hold it between fingers.

3.Start turning hair underneath with fingers

4. Continue turning until you create a smooth pseudo fringe. 

5. You should have some excess hair, you'll need this to pin

6. Put a pin in to secure the hair, make sure you have pulled back your hair so the pin can easily be covered

7. Put as many pins in as you need to secure it, then get read to put your hair down to cover the pins.

8. Tidy up the pinning and make sure all of the pinned hair stays flat. Drop hair over pins. Start to pull fringe over forehead until you get the desired shape.

9. Use your hand to 'bump up' the fringe to get that big curved fringe look.

10. You'll end up with a fringe. Mine isn't completely across as I have lots of short bits!

11. Fix fringe to specifications

I know what a derpy face

12. Feel free to add some fascinator loveliness. This is my microberet. I love it.

So there you have it folks. That's a little vintage faux fringe for you. Give it a go it's dead easy!

Much Love

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