Treats and Freebies : The Current Best Magazine Freebies

I love a freebie! I've noticed more and more magazines are giving away good freebies. Maybe there's a correlation between the rise of blogs and the decline of magazine readers who knows. I know I for one used to be a big magazine reader and now I seem to only buy them if they're giving away something good. In fact the last time I bought the Benefit freebies I didn't even read the magazine they came with. I seem to read blogs all the time. I love the personalities that come across in my favourite blogs, hearing about people's lives, getting the lowdown on all the new products.


There's some excellent freebies with magazines at the moment and I would feel utterly remiss as a beauty blogger not to share them with you.

First up being that I am a baking fiend I saw this advertised and had to have a further nosy. Cake Decorating Magazine are giving away 2 butterfly cutters a cupcake stand AND pink edible glitter. All for 99p as an introductory offer. Can't say better than that?

Here they all are along with the magazine

Lovely pink gingham cupcake stand

The edible glitter is the same brand for sale in my local baking supply store, so it isn't cheap and nasty. I used it on my valentines cupcakes in red. This is gorgeously pink!
Even if you're only a beginner baker this definitely isn't worth passing up, and those advanced bakers I don't think will let this go by them. You can never have enough stands and glitter! Plus cutters are very expensive. I recently bought heart shaped mini cutters and they cost me about £7/8. Great value!

Second up, Glamour Magazine. Now these guys know how to do a freebie!

With Glamour you have a choice of 4 freebies and different covers. The freebies are from Percy and Reed Hair. The samples are Shampoo, Conditioner, Mask and Finishing Cream. They're worth £43 in a set of 4 and you can collect the ones you want or all of them.

 I picked up the Finishing Polish and the Conditioning Mask as I like my own shampoo and conditioner and I knew I would get the most use out of the Mask and Finishing Polish.

I love the packaging, they're 100ml bottles so substantial and well worth the £2. Part of me is feeling the urge to try them out and go back and stock up if I like them.

The brand Percy and Reed are a luxury hair brand based on salon formula from the Percy and Reed Salon. You can collect all 4 which I think is well worth the £2.

These are all four options

Marie Claire has Neal's Yard Rose Daily Moisturiser

I love the scent of it and apparently it is worth £12, another nice little freebie.

Other notable freebies are in Cosmopolitan Magazine, they're doing 4 pieces of Clinique. There's a pink lip gloss, a mini mascara, sample size exfoliator, and a sample size moisturiser. There's one of these in every Cosmo, you can pick your favourite. Personally I didn't really want any but if you're a Clinique fan I think this might be up your street.

So there you have it folks. I think those are some pretty nice freebies! If you don't mind dipping into the teenage market lots of the teen mags have eyeshadow palettes with them at them moment. Even I was quite impressed with the huge ones I saw. I can't speak for quality but if you need a cheap palette, they might be for you.

In other news I darkened down my hair a little bit to Black Cherry by Casting Creme Gloss, it is definitely the best.

I'm also on my second day of Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred and I ACHE ALL OVER. I refuse to give up though I can do 20 minutes a day for a month. Giving it my all (pray for me) lol!

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Until next time folks.

Much Love

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