Vintage Wonderland: Land of Hope And Gloria, A Holistic Shopping Experience

I wasn't looking forward to yesterday at all. I had an appointment with my dentist to have her look at a twangy nerve. (This is not the point of the post, I'm just setting the scene a little.) I had an early morning trip from Belfast down to Coleraine, a long way to go for a dentist but she is excellent. So I was preparing for a gruelling injection riddled session which was rather turning my stomach. But when it came to it there was nothing wrong, just a rather sensitive tooth. So I got to walk out the door after getting my teeth polished feeling rather relieved and pleased. I was in a very good mood.

Walking back up I passed a shop I remembered being a bank, I saw lots of lovely vintage pieces in the window, it definitely wasn't a bank any longer, unless the banking business has changed with the recession.  I had to go in as I was in a ridiculously good mood and Hope and Gloria looked like my kind of shop.

When I went in I was expecting to just see a few clothing rails, so I was really surprised to see home-wares as well. I hadn't realised when it said Emporium on the sign quite how true that was. 
When I walked in I looked over to the gorgeous accessories and shoes and spied Irregular Choice shoes (win) and an entire retro sweet stand.

For £1 you could get yourself some very tasty sweets

I turned around and tore myself away from the Irregular Choice to explore the shop further. There was a table  displaying lots of lovely tea sets and retro 1960s coffee sets.

A whole rack of really cute retro kids clothes, a wardrobe filled with gorgeous dresses. I especially loved the oversized tags in the window and throughout the shop.

As I rounded the corner I suddenly came into a fabulous vintage living room.

Perfect for relaxation

Fabulous working record unit

The furniture section filled me with envy. I wanted ALL of the furniture even though I have absolutely nowhere to put it. 

Isn't that wallpaper epic? The lovely big table invites you to sit down and have a cup of tea and a snack.

Ok, Ok so I am desperately bias, there are heaps of fabulous retro tea things, of course I'm going to like it! But look at that fabulous sideboard!

Gorgeous music collection, and a little bit of the menswear section. I turned round and guess what I saw? Jaw hit floor...

It's only got a hairdressing salon! This is one of the chairs but there are another 4 beside it and a hairdresser to cater to all your beauty needs! I was actually blown away, I didn't expect it, but isn't it wonderful?

You all know how much I love my decoupage and my vintage print get a peek at these dressing rooms.

Hope and Gloria are a non profit shop they say about themselves:

Hope and Gloria is a 'not for profit' fashion, beauty and homewares store offering a creative alternative to the high street. We resell good quality, donated items of clothing, shoes, accessories and vintage homewares. We also sell genuine vintage fashion, some new, hand-crafted items and other goodies that fit with our ethos. We are a place to hang out, to eat, drink and dream, to be inspired and transformed (inside and out!) and in doing so, transforming our community

So not only are you shopping to buy yourself something gorgeous, or give yourself a new do, you're also helping the community. Now isn't that nice? Not that I ever need an excuse for shopping but I have to say this is a pretty good one. 

I was chatting with the gorgeous girls in the shop and they have some wonderful plans. This won't just be a shop, this will be a full experience. They're planning workshops, dressmaking from vintage patterns, music nights, vintage hair and make up sessions to name but a few. This is them after only a couple of weeks, I have great faith that in a year they will be established and hopefully a household name with the vintage lovers in Northern Ireland. 

They have a Facebook account here and you can find them on Twitter at @HopeandGloria. They're located on Railway Road in Coleraine, and I know I for one am slightly sad they're not in Belfast but I know that if half of the excellent things they're planning go ahead, I for one will be travelling down to be part of them. I desperately want a bespoke vintage dress and to take part in their workshops! So I'll be keeping a close eye for news of their dressmaking and events.

It's a really refreshing holistic shopping experience which will no doubt go on to promote vintage love in North Antrim. I plan on returning!

Much Love

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