You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman: Getting Natural With Purity Organic Skincare

I have the type of skin that is mostly happy when I leave it alone. When I put heavy creams on my skin it protests visibly, any moisturiser I use has to be light. I've found that sometimes heavily perfumed creams can burn my skin and even supposedly gentle products can sting so I've been trying to keep my skincare light and easy.

When the lovely folk at Purity Organic Skincare got in touch with me I was really intrigued to see what would be different about their products.They use all natural products which I really liked the sound of as I thought my skin might appreciate a natural approach. I was really astounded when I opened up the little package they'd sent me to see that they'd been super kind and sent me the whole range to try. I toned down the 'Squee' that I'd been doing and had a good look.

Their products are all organic and filled with 'Intelligent Ingredients, few in numbers and highly effective, a combination which results in beautiful skin and is kind to the earth.' Well I can't argue with that. I do get a little antsy about piling chemicals on my skin, especially when it is quite intolerant to anything overly perfumed. They've also won countless awards and most of the products are suitable for vegetarians.

They sent me the following which I've been trying for the last month:

Conditioning Cleansing Lotion- Made from natural ingredients of 'Sweet Almond Oil, Aloe Vera and Glycerine base: Oats condition and restore, Amino Acids help skin to absorb moisture, Avocado Oil conditions the skin, and Euphrasia and Rose Water tones the skin.' One of the strangest things for me was getting used to the fact it was fragrance free. I'm so used to having fragranced products that it was a little disconcerting at first to not have a scent. I really liked the creaminess of this product and it went on the skin well. It doesn't take off make up as easily as chemical based products and you have to use a little more welly but I think it does leave the skin feeling moisturised.

Anti-Aging Moisturiser- This is a really interesting cream. It's got a whipped texture which makes it very easy to spread on the skin. I noticed when I was using it a little goes a very long way. Although I found the texture hard to blend into my skin at first I thought it kept my skin feeling very moisturised. I definitely felt a lot more relaxed about my skin knowing that I wasn't putting chemicals on it.  The moisturiser contains 'cranberry Seed Oil, with Omega 3, 6 and 9 the essential fatty acids your skin needs to help prevent aging. Also contains Rosehip Seed Oil, renowned for its powerful skin-conditioning and restorative properties and Vitamin E as a protecting antioxidant. Ceramide 3 limits the loss of water from the skin and Rose Flower Water acts as a skin toner. These hard-working ingredients are blended in Sweet Almond Oil, Shea Butter, Beeswax and Aloe Vera and combine to boost the skin's own functions and help prevent premature aging.'
One of the things I noticed about the product was that it absorbed quickly into my skin which is something I've had trouble with in the past. It was nice to be able to put it on and not still feel it on my skin a few hours later.

Texture Swatches

Regenerating Overnight Moisturiser- This was a completely different texture to the anti-aging moisturiser. It was creamy and felt a little heavier as would be expected of a night cream. It contains 'Sweet Almond Oil, Beeswax and Aloe Vera [...] Ceramide 3 reinforces the moisture barrier of the skin and improves long term moisturisation, [...] Added Vitamin E.' It made my skin feel moisturised and definitely it was softer the next day. 

Anti-Aging Serum and Mask-  This was my favourite product. It's a very gloopy (technical term) serumy liquid which is applied liberally to the face. It then hardens really quickly and you can remove it with a cloth or a facial wipe. I really liked it because it worked quickly and it left my skin feeling quite plump and soft. I usually put it on at night before I clean my teeth. In the 5 minutes I spend flossing, cleaning and mouth-washing the mask has gotten hard and I usually wipe it off and then follow up with the overnight moisturiser. My skin ends up nice and soft and it feels really lovely. This for me is my real favourite, even though they do say you can leave it on overnight for a boost, it is quite tight on the skin so you may be better just taking it off. That's what I do. 
It contains  'Sweet Almond Oil and Aloe Vera [...] Cranberry Seed Oil, rich in Omega 3, 6 and 9 to help repair the skin and assist with moisture retention. Rosewater tones the skin and antioxidant Vitamin E improves and protects the look and the feel of the skin.' 
This is definitely one I'd recommend as I really see a difference when I use it.

Facial Exfoliator- I love a good exfoliator. I'm sometimes far too vigorous and a bit gung-ho about it and have been known to put sugar scrubs on my face. This is quite a gentle exfoliator, what I really love about it is the exfoliating bits are actually trounded bits of coconut shell. Now call me (coco) nuts but I love the South Pacific mentality I get when in the shower, whilst I sing 'Im gonna wash that man right outta my hair' I'm exfoliating my face with coconut shell. I'm so Castaway ready! It might sound crazy but I think that's really cool!

Facial Wash- This little facial wash is very gentle, sometimes when I have used facial washes in the past my skin has burnt a bit and I've felt a little bit of stinging. I had none of that with this. It foams quite nicely if you keep at it and works well as a simple face wash. I rarely ever use facial washes because I've always found them a bit sore and drying on my skin but I had no reactions to this. It contains 'Sweet Almond Oil, Aloe Vera and Glycerine is combined within a gentle Coconut and sugar-based foam to cleanse, soothe and protect skin. Added Citric acid controls skins PH Levels.' If you're a fan of facial washes and have delicate skin, this could really be something for you.

I've been really pleased with the products. I've not had any reactions or stinging with any of them, once I got past the unscented nature of the products I've developed a real liking for the naturalness of what I've been using. It's lovely to see results and softness with something so natural and if you have sensitive skin or are prone to reactions Purity Organic Skincare might be something that would work well for you. I will absolutely keep using the products I have as they've been lovely and kind to my skin.

Go and check them out they have a website all about their philosophy, products and cruelty free information, they're also really well priced for organic skincare from £4.99- £8.99. If you fancy giving chemicals a break I'm loving these guys as a great alternative.

Much Love

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