This Mirror Holds My Eyes Too Bright: The Start of a Tutorial Series on Eyelash Extensions

I've used eyelash extensions for years. Genuinely, years. I remember using them when I was about 19 for the first time and adoring them. When I was 15 I started using strip lashes, I kept it up every day for an entire summer until I got bored and promptly moved on. One way or another I've always loved the framing effect false lashes have had on my eyes and on the way I do my make up.

Individual lash extensions

When I worked as a beauty therapist albeit briefly I used to do eyelash extensions and spray tans on customers daily and I loved it. Now I don't do it professionally any more but I've kept the extensions up. So when I asked on Twitter recently if anyone would be interested in me doing a series of posts on eyelash extensions I was quite taken aback with the response. Extensions are expensive and require maintenance at least every two weeks, so if you're going to a salon for all of this the cost can quickly mount up, there's a definite benefit to learning how to do your own.

So I was pleased at the replies. From a definitive 'YES' to asking me to include specific things like where to start, what to buy, where to buy. I quickly realised that it might be an idea for me to not just do one very, very long post but rather break it up over a few posts. A post on different types of extensions and what to look for. Now I may repeat myself lots but I figure if some of you are only interested in one type of extension you may not read the others so it might be the first time for you.

I'm going to start with cluster lashes as they're the natural place for beginners to extensions to start. We're then going to move on to individual lashes, the pitfalls and the difficulties. I'm going to try and impart as much wisdom and as many tips I can think of along with pictures and a step by step tutorial. So if you have an interest in doing your own lashes then I hope you pop back and can get some knowledge from the tutorials.

A selection of different lashes
I'll be talking you through the different options for each, what sizes to work with. How to keep them on, proper glue technique, how to stop them falling out and most importantly how to make them look as natural as possible.

See you for cluster lashes tomorrow

Much Love

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