Craft and the Girl: Living Out a Dream and Rescuing Books

You all know how much I love crafting, I've been making so many things for my house and I've loved every second of it. Recently when I got my Kindle I was looking at Kindle covers and couldn't find any I liked, those that I could find were riotously expensive, so I decided I'd make my own. Now after I've furnished myself with more Kindle covers than I could ever need I've taken to rescuing damaged vintage and modern books and giving them a second life. Books that are languishing unread because of missing pages or defacement are now being made into covers so that they can still be held and used and not end up in the bin.

So I've started an Etsy shop making covers so that people can adopt sad little books and give them a new home. Books are people too and all that.I've only popped a few of my really rudimentary little covers on at the minute, from the first batch that I made, they're just basic black without fabric or pockets. More will be coming with fabric interiors. I'm rubbish at taking pictures so my attempts at photography might need another go or two but I am at last an Etsy seller! I'm very excited about it (obviously) I'm looking forward to doing my proper ones which will most likely be listed and then made to device specifications, but still here I am and isn't it exciting.

My shop is called Craft and the Girl see what I did there? I'm really looking forward to putting up more custom covers, hopefully shortly my own pin up style micro berets and decoupage pieces and canvases. I'm still a new fledgling seller, heck I still need to learn how to take proper photos! But until then I have a few little pictures of custom pieces which I'll be working on, hope you like them!

1950's Girls Annual, Converted into iPad cover due to missing pages

1955 Copy of St Trinians, converted for Kindle, Nook etc.

Manga Twilight (guilty pleasure) converted for Kindle 

Alice in Wonderland converted for Kindle

Agatha Christie converted for Kindle

Wizard of Oz converted for Kindle

I also can't wait to start making more little crochet micro berets like this for the Etsy Shop 

And if I get the time I'll be trying to pop up some little bits and pieces of decoupage, pin up art and Alice in Wonderland art like my own canvases that I have around the house.

My Alice table, one of my projects that the pages from the converted Kindles go toward

Alice canvases

One of my pin up canvases (this one is still my favourite)

Little A5 canvases, I love these, they're vintage pin up covers

My gigantic canvas, what's bigger than A1 size? I don't know, this is it though. It hangs in my house. Not entirely sure what the shipping would be on this size, chances are the answer is crazy!

I really can't wait to get started, I have a house full of crafts and I have no more room for any more so all new things will be popped on Etsy. Hopefully someone else can enjoy them too! And yes I will learn to take better pictures!

Much Love

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