I Compare You To A Kiss From A Rose On The Grave: Lip Tattoos, Vamping the 20s

I've been a bit baffled by lip tattoos for a while. I've looked at them puzzling how they go on and stay on, if they'll really look like that on me, or if I'll look a bit odd.  Today is the day though I spill the beans on lip tattoos. I'm also going to go against the habits of a lifetime and let himself take my pictures today! I know right?

Firstly when the nice folks at Find Me A Gift asked if I wanted to try them I thought, I really hope they aren't too tough to apply as I am astonishingly cackhanded. Have you ever seen me posting nail art that I've done? No, there's a reason for that! Cackhanded.

So here are the lip tattoos, I selected the rose design.

Initially when I selected the rose design I thought that I would do a pin up look with it as obviously they're red. But when I put them on it became obvious it was a much vampier look than pin up. So 1920s it was.

I wanted to pop this picture into black and white as it really shows the darker detail of the roses, I think it emphasises the pattern.

What everyone wants to know is, how difficult were the lip tattoos to apply? You have to cut them to size and honestly it wasn't an awful lot of faffing about, it mainly works the same way tattoo transfers do. Cut them to size, peel off the sticky bit then wet them and off comes the backing. Same principle here. What I did find was that it was tough to get a good curve, perhaps I just have odd lips.

Will they stay on? Potentially I'd say yes, I had to scrub my lips to get them off so I'd say if you are wearing them for a night out use a straw with drinks but you should be ok. It's more of a precaution than anything else.  I really liked the roses lip tattoos as I thought they were pretty, himself wasn't a fan but I think that is because I rarely wear dark lip colours so it was pretty unusual. I think if you were having a night out and you have gorgeous pouty lips you could totally pull them off. 

So if you want to give them a bash then go on, they're not particularly expensive coming in under 3 quid, and you can get animal print, glitters and all sorts. 

So much love from me folks

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