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Platinum wedding ring
£1,987 -
I love this style, it's technically an eternity ring but I think it is so pretty.

Three stone diamond ring
This is quite similar to my engagement ring in style, I think it would go really well with the wedding ring above.

Diamond Bracelet
 I saw this little diamond tennis bracelet and thought it was gorgeous, really subtle and pretty. I'm picturing it with a nice   golden tan and against a white dress.

Diamond Pendant
I'm being a bit romantic with this one but I just thought it was so adorable I couldn't resist putting it in!

Ok girls so technically I've only been engaged since Sunday, but because I'm waiting on my ring to get resized and custom made for me I'm getting my fill of online jewellery as I am having serious cravings to get my gorgeous diamonds back.
I've been having chats with my mum and friends about wedding jewellery. They're all very wedding crazy at the moment, would it surprise you if I said I think they're all much more excited than me?I'm still in shock I think! 

This all came about when the jewellers who are making my ring mentioned that they had a matching wedding band for it. Now I'd not really thought much about a wedding band yet, I haven't even begun planning! I didn't want to look at it just yet, mainly because it is supposed to 'fit' my ring. Personally I'm not a fan of wedding rings that are odd shapes to fit into your engagement ring. So I thought I would look at the other things I really liked before I had to decide.I combined the ideas my friends had given me for the jewellery they thought would go with my engagement ring. We've all been staring at it and flashing it about before I had to leave it in to be resized etc. So here is the culmination of our favourites.

My ring is white gold and I rarely wear yellow gold so I think all of my jewellery will follow suit. Although this does somehow make it a little bit more tricky for me to buy that Michael Kors rose gold watch I've been lusting after. When I broached the topic of watches most of the girls remarked they didn't wear a watch on their wedding day, I think it is definitely going to depend on the dress. I love jewellery and I love personalising it which is why himself is having my ring custom made, but I'd like to extend this to the rest of my jewellery. I'd love a really pretty custom diamond necklace as especially if the dress is a sweetheart neckline, I'd like something to set it off. 

One of my good friends got married last year and she had a tea dress style wedding dress. She really suited it because it was perfectly proportional to her petite frame. One of the things I loved about her whole look was that she had a real statement necklace of pearls. It was completely perfect. The lace of her dress set off the pearls perfectly. It was a triumph of accessorising. So of course I have asked her opinion. We stared intently at my ring.

After we'd all oooooohed and ahhhhhed about it, we meandered our way through bracelets and necklaces. No doubt once I see a dress I like I'll have a better idea, but right now I really adore this clean style. I also would love to make the jewellery really special to the day by having it custom made for me. We made the mistake of looking at the red carpet diamond necklaces, and I'm a bit besotted with the glamour.Decisions, decisions. 

What about you girls, what would you put with the ring? Are watches really a no-no for brides? Would you like to custom make your jewellery?

Much Love

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