Living for the Weekend: Sun, Surprises and Sparkles

It's been quite the weekend over at Inanity Towers. It was mine and my partners anniversary and we had a few things planned. From going to a Tango show, to going to the movies and out for dinner. We had a very busy weekend. I thought I would post all the pictures that I took. It's been so warm here, a veritable heatwave that I've been able to get out all my favourite summer dresses. I can't actually remember the last time we had such serious heat here so I have been enjoying getting summer florals out and my halterneck dresses.

There are a few outfit pictures I've snapped on the run and also some cheeky surprises!

One of my favourite Aztec style long maxi dresses, I wore this to see Vincent and Flavia's Midnight Tango on Friday

We had amazing seats! This is the set for the show, an Argentine Cafe which was filled with tango dancers. It is a completely unbelievable show, I would completely recommend going to see it if it is near you!

The lovely Cindy from  Girl With The Skew Earring blog had sent me these as I won her amazing blog competition, I'd never tried Essence and there were so many lovely little bits she'd put in. The nail drops that she sent I'd never even seen before! They also work a treat and dry your nails very quickly. So big thanks to her for those!

It was our anniversary on Sunday, we celebrated 5 years together and he got me this lovely vintage inspired card. He knows me well doesn't he?

We decided to go out for some cocktails before dinner. We popped into the gorgeous luxury Merchant Hotel  and found a seat by ourselves in their side salon to sip our yummy cocktails. It was a gorgeous view out onto the sunny Cathedral Quarter. We were relaxing into our quiet drinks when before I knew it himself had reached into his pocket and moved down onto one knee. Yep folks that's right he proposed! And I of course said YES!

Before we knew it the staff from The Merchant had popped into the salon with a lovely congratulations cake for us!

My ring is beautiful, he picked it himself and I was genuinely surprised! It's very vintage, pretty and sparkles an awful lot. The daisy style is very Victorian and I love the slightly filigree look it has. It's a ring I don't think I've ever seen before, and believe me I've looked at a lot of rings! He knows what I'm like though so he didn't have it resized in case I didn't like it!

Look at my Fiancé's wee smiley face! Relieved I think!

We celebrated!

Today we had to take it down to get resized, I was totally excited and wanted it back straight away but alas it had to be sent away so I'm hoping to get it back by the end of the week. In the mean time I've been trying to get in the mood, I don't think it has sunk in yet.

Here's the little dress I wore, I adore this dress, the shape is really flattering. And it is a perfect length. 

Here's a little close up of the dress detail. It's a very ditsy floral and it's a heavy lined mesh, really pretty.

I also popped my diamond earrings in. They're very pretty and by odd coincidence they match my ring! 
Because I had to give back my lovely ring until it's resized it was a very glum me that walked around the city. When I hit upon an idea to make it all a little more real we popped in and picked up a bridal magazine. I do have a wedding to plan (at some point) and it's lovely to get a little bit of inspiration. I reckon I'm going to love planning it, expect some bride related posts! I'm also desperately keen to get my ring back and I can't wait to show you it properly on my finger!

Here's my bridal magazine, so many amazing ideas, also a free LD nail polish, so what's not to like.
I am not a bridezilla...yet. I don't rule it out. Thanks for all your well wishes we've been so bowled over by the love we've got on Twitter and Facebook.

Much love to you all

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