Non Pareil Nails: The Hows, Whys and Heck Yeah Tutorial

I adore the look of nonpareil nails or 'caviar nails' as they're also known. Personally I think they look more like nonpareils or 'Jazzies' who eats those? Me folks that's who! Oh gosh giant Jazzies mmmmm white chocolate. Sorry I've gone off on a sweet tangent there. Back to my point. Nonpareil nails! They're dead easy, and they look lovely.

I meandered onto eBay and picked up this little multicoloured pack of microbeads.

For these nails I picked a really pretty gold. The new Marks and Spencer Limited Collection Gold was lovely and sparkly and it matched the little gold beads in the packet.

Here I am all polished up, it's a nice gentle gold. So first things first pop on your base coat. Make it as heavy as you want.

Give your nails a quick coat of gold nail polish and open the microbeads. I got himself to be my glamorous assistant and he held the bag for me

Pop your finger into the bag and immerse it in the beads

Pat the beads gently onto your wet nail

Take your nail out and check that it is all covered

Pop on a final topcoat to seal the beads and Bang! You're done!

Lovely nonpareils!

Easy peasy, will you be trying Nonpareil nails?

Much Love and Sweetie Cravings

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