Oh Hell Yeah Sexy Mama: The Balm's Anti-Shine Translucent Powder

Another day and another vintage inspired product, I've been really surprised how unknown The Balm is in the UK. I hadn't really heard of them at all. Some of my lovely readers have already pointed out that they had received Frat Boy Shadow/Blush in their Carmine boxes but this was the first they'd heard of it as well. I've been doing a few posts as I've been introduced to some key products in the range by the nice folks at Find me a Gift who were sweet enough to be readers of the blog and notice the trend in my vintage obsession. If you missed some of my other reviews you can find them as follows. Mary-Lou Maniser Highlighter, Cheater Mascara, Down Boy Blush/ Eyeshadow I decided to finish my The Balm theme by having a little look at Sexy Mama Anti-Shine Translucent Powder. I'm pretty obsessed with them at the moment, primarily because they're so pretty, I love a new brand and because they work so well. Look at this cover! It looks like a classic pulp fiction novel. I knew when I saw them that you lovely readers knowing what I'm like for anything vintage inspired would definitely appreciate this brand, especially if you get the same giddy excitement for anything new.


Love this! The cover is totally inspired by pulp fiction covers, the powder even opens like a book, portrait bound. I'm sorry to be a complete nerd about it but I had a little jump up and down. I collect pulp covers I do a lot of my canvases from reproduction copies of magazines but I adore proper pulp fiction covers so this was just bang up my street. 
They always come in a little card sleeve so you can keep your compact looking pretty and non dog-eared. The material is a heavy card so it bio-degrades and so  you can remove the mirror when you're finished if you want. 

The little compact pan is lovely and light, the translucent powder is very easy to blend, because it's translucent it doesn't colour on the skin. My issue with translucent powders has always been I worry about the 'powdery' look they can give. I haven't worn many face powders for that exact reason. Apart from the odd bronzer or blush I try to keep my skin quite dewy but with the summer coming I am getting a bit worried about over shine, and I also have that annoying problem of my eyeliner pressing off onto my upper lid so I thought a translucent powder would be in order to keep my make up in place especially as it gets warmer.

I applied it with my little kabuki brush to keep it nice and light and I was actually quite surprised as it didn't look powdery on and over my lids pre-eyeliner seemed to keep my eyeliner in place. It also worked well over my nose and lightly over my brow before my highlighter. When I was using it my plan was to keep it light and build it up if I needed it but it spread lightly and well and it wasn't noticeable on my skin. I liked using it with the kabuki brush as it was able to move fast and deftly and also allow me to set the make up without having to use a lot and get that powdery restoration look. Ok Ok, so I exaggerate, there's no pox marks but in my head I genuinely get a chill worrying about overly powdery complexions. A slight diversion but when I used Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation it was just that on me, no matter how much I cut it with moisturiser it was thick and powdery yuk.

The moral of the story? The powdery complexion frightens me, but I was pleased I didn't get it with this translucent powder goodness knows I have such a phobia of it! So light powder and kabuki brush and I'm happy, no eyeliner disasters and I'm kept non shiny.
So that's a little look at this product. Do any of you use powders? My first ever powder was a pressed powder from collection 2000, I was about 14 and I think it is still in a drawer somewhere at home. Are any of you prone to oiliness and can't do without a powder, tell me all about it.

Until then folks, thanks for reading, hope you've enjoyed a little more vintage inspired pulp product lushness (try saying that one fast). 

Much Love 


Jessica said...

I love the packaging they do, it's gorgeous! I have the Frat Boy blusher and it's my favourite, such a nice colour and it lasts really well too.
I have the bane of oily skin too, I'm currently using ELF's Complexion Perfection but it can make my skin look a little cakey, and Rimmel's stay Matte powder which is brilliant, can't fault it at all!

Nic, Strawberry Blonde said...

This is so cute - adorable packaging! I'm paranoid re over powdering too. Mac Natural Skinfinish is quite good as it leaves a glowy sheen.

Sara said...

I can't do without powder! Current favourite is Mac Prep+Prime loose powder that I buff into my skin post foundation.

But it's £18 odd quid... wishing I'd read this before repurchasing!
S xx

Clara Turbay said...

Interesting style!

Adrienne said...

I am a sucker for adorable, retro packaging! I am glad the product was fab :)

What Lola Wants

Blaming Beauty said...

I love the packaging! The product sounds amazing, I'll have to try it!xx

Knight'sEclectic said...

I have oily skin and NEED a powder, I tend to use Lily Lolo finishing powder which I love.
The Balm products are seriously pretty, I have a few and they glam up my dressing table a treat x

DawnieP said...

Hi girlies, isn't the packaging just amazing? Im so scared of caked on because I don't have oily skin at all, I err on the side of dry so I NEED a powder that is really light or I get that odd powdery look. I really liked this as it worked really well with my kabuki it's light enough for me if that's any help girls :)


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