Ooooh La Luminizer : The Balm's Mary-Lou Manizer Highlighter

Today is another post from one of my favourite new (to me) product ranges The Balm. They're a mix between Benefit and Soap and Glory in their packaging style. They're also from San Francisco where there are many hills and trams and lovely cupcakeries, so they're A-ok by me. I've previously reviewed their Down Boy Blush and their The Cheater Mascara . I love my highlighters, brighteners, illuminators anything that makes me glowy and dewy, I have quite the collection now. When the lovely folk at Find Me A Gift sent me the Mary-Lou Manizer Highlighter I was really chuffed. Firstly I was very surprised at the gorgeous packaging. Those of you who know me know exactly how much of a fiend I am for beautiful packaging. The Balm have been really consistent in their gorgeous vintage styled packaging this one is no exception.

I love the mug shot style packaging. As it says on the box it's a highlighter, a shimmer and an eyeshadow. I've used it in the inner corner of my eyes, my cheek bones and over my brow and collar bones. 

Check out the back

I love the little fingerprints detail, it's a lovely touch.

Inside the box was this lovely heavy compact all glossy and lovely, I have a bit of a weakness for compacts as I collect vintage pieces. I have my eyes set on a gorgeous moon and stars one that's shaped like Saturn, so pretty. But this one is adorable and I'm loving the pin up stylings.

The little compact is lovely and heavy and gives a real feel of vintage compacts. 
This gives a really good indication of the highlighter colour, it is a golden shimmer. It definitely isn't dark enough to be a bronzer, instead it has a pale gold colour with some shimmer. I'm very, very pale and it doesn't leave a colour on my skin, it only creates a sheen of shimmer (try saying that ten times fast). It leaves a sheen which is noticeable but not overpowering. I tried repeatedly to get a good picture of it on, but I couldn't get it to be noticeable in the picture. I suck as a photographer but it is lovely on and didn't alter the colour of my foundation which is great!

Have a nosy at the range, I'm still besotted with The Cheater mascara and they have positively lust and drool worthy compacts. I absolutely adore Nude'tude as it is a proper Urban Dcay Naked II style nude mix it's a total lust object from me at the moment. So if you're after a highlighter, and you want a rather yummy compact check it out!

Much Love and Shimmering

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