Three Little Birds Pitch On My Doorstep: Blues, Blues and Beer

I've been meaning to post this little dress for a while now. I bought it from Dorothy Perkins. It's one of the few items in their tall section. When I bought it initially I really liked the silky material and the little bird design, it was also a complete novelty for it to be knee length on me. Now I warn you all, I don't often take pictures of outfits because genuinely I'm not much of a fashionista and I also seem to be incapable of taking full length photos of myself. But let's continue!

Here's a little swatch of the pattern. I had to take it on the hop but you get the idea.

So it's quite a long dress but I think it's a good little wardrobe staple. The thing is, (there's always a thing isn't there?) I've gone off it a bit. There are ruffles down the front and although you can't see them, they're under my cardie they're rather unflattering. So I'm quite undecided about this dress. I thought you tall girls would like it though, and it is light and pretty.

When I wore it, I teamed it with espadrilles and my little black cardie, and my big chunky Betty Rubble necklace. I'm not a fashion blogger folks by a long stretch, but I am getting wholly fed up of sleeveless and very short sleeved dresses. Seriously what has a girl to do to get a decent sleeve. Honestly I'm never out of cardigans to cover my arms! Give me some sleeves high street for goodness sake!

Here's my little Betty Rubble necklace, it is one of my favourites.

A couple of weekends ago I wore it out to the John Hewitt bar on a Sunday night. Sunday nights are blues nights. This night it was the Rev Doc, who is fabulous. It is very chilled out and fun, the Hewitt is also a great place to go to sample local beers and ciders, we always try something new when we go down.

My Armagh Cider and himself's Cathedral Quarter Beer, for those not from Belfast the John Hewitt bar is located in the Cathedral Quarter.

I love this label, Titanic Iceberg beer. It's lovely actually, if you're a fan of a light pale ale, this one is for you.

Here's a sneaky little picture of the Rev Doc playing his harmonica. So that was my night, very chilled out and relaxed, just hanging out with my Mr. 

Much Love


Knight'sEclectic said...

Great dress, really suits you. I know what you mean about the sleeves, i never have my arms out but have to buy cardi's to cover up, when will clothing companies learn? x

Lisa said...

OOOhhh! That is an awesome dress, and I like how you styled it. I hate sleeveless dresses and shirts. Is is a crime to want to be covered up? :)


john petter said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Claire | French for Cupcake said...

I love the dress! I wanted to buy it but alas, being 5ft meant it was a no! You look gorgeous x

Adrienne said...

I love the dress, but I know what you mean about everything being sleeveless. Even a decent short sleeve would be nice once in a while. Sheesh.

What Lola Wants

Sallytangle said...

I love your writing style so much. Just been having a little nosey about your blog, and its great :)

Have a lovely rest of week mrs xxx

Sara said...

It is so difficult to take full length pictures of yourself!!!

ALso love the John Hewitt, but didn't know Sunday was blues night. Will have to make a trip :)
S xx

daisychain said...

That is such a stunning dress xo

DawnieP said...

Awk thanks girls. I always feel a bit awkward posting full length pictures of myself. I've actually just bought the dress the size down and it fits a lot better. :)

@sara it is a really really good night, they have the blue moon nights too


Strawberry Blonde said...

Adore your dress and the new blog header!

Nic x

Aine O'hagan said...

Lovely dress. I live in Belfast and only went to the cathedral quarter for the first time last week! What!!!

Katie said...

Thats such a stunning dress, you look lovely and the colour suits you really well. You're right 21 is still young, I'm a real worrier about plans for the future as I don't really have any! I hope it pans out though!

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