Bronze Medals Hang From My Bed: Limited Collection Bronzer

This is a little post I've been meaning to do for a while! The very lovely folk at M&S sent me this bronzer to try as they're very proud of it. Now I have no Marks and Spencer make up at all. They sent me their bronzer and also a gorgeous gold nail varnish which you can see in my Caviar Nails Tutorial . One thing I have to say before I say any more is, I am deathly pale. I probably would rank in a paint chart as somewhere near an ice blue, I really need all the help I can get. I was glad to see this pop through my door as one thing I've been having trouble with is my bronzer. It seems all of the bronzers in my collection have sparkle in them. Now this is great and wonderful if you're using it lightly as a way of accenting and highlighting, perfect. But me? I'm using it liberally to take my face away from the startling white hue it seems to enjoy. So when I use very sparkly bronzers I end up with a face shinier than a cricketers trousers. Let me tell you this girls, that is NOT a hot look.

So Marks and Spencer's couldn't have timed it better.

So here it is, a lovely little print box, it made me feel very, very summery which was lovely. Also it's pretty fierce. The clear compact contains 2 shades of bronzer to create a dynamic shaded look and it has a mini kabuki brush with it.

This is the compact in daylight

2 Colours in a crystal clear case. It's not too bronze if that makes sense. If you want some really contoured shading you could solely use the middle segment to shade and the rest for natural colour.

When I used it the mini kabuki brush was small enough to allow for shading without interfering with both layers. I just wanted an all over shade so I grabbed my big kabuki and liberally applied it. The colour is natural enough that it doesn't look overly fake. There is no powdery residue with it either, so you don't end up with that lovely powder face look (hello Versailles). I think my favourite thing about it though was the fact it is not sparkly. I'll say it again for all of you up there in the cheap seats in case you misheard, it is NOT sparkly. Which means my lovelies you can liberally apply it without looking like you've had an accident in the glitter box. Hurrah!

Below is a swatch of it on my very pale arm. This is just 1 brush of the kabuki brush over my arm and you can see how nice a colour you can get. It's not too dark. But this is the starting colour so you can build on this if you want.

1 brush of the kabuki brush over my arm

In all I'm really impressed. It is a delight to get a non sparkly bronzer as every one I have picked up recently is seemingly filled with glitter. So if you're looking for a non glitter bronzer to make you look a bit healthier and take the deathly pallor off you, this is a nice choice. I had two compliments recently when I was wearing it, that I looked very well. So there we go. You may want to use your own brush as I did, as I think the mini kabuki is more appropriate for shading.

Much Love

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