Colour B4: Tinfoil, Rinsing and More Rinsing

Part 1.

As I type this I have tin foil on my head. Mainly it's because I ran out of cling film. I'm currently trying out ColourB4 in the attempt to get rid of the colour build up that comes with repeated colouring. My hair is currently a drab dark brown/purpley/red with roots of light brown. This my friends is not a hot look. Now this hasn't been an accident I've been deliberately letting it wash out for a while so I can bring the colour up and eventually use ColourB4. So here I am, tin foil on my head praying to any deity that'll take me that it isn't awful looking.
You see I have no idea what colour it is underneath. I haven't even got a clue what the end result might be. Are you ready for more horror? I haven't bought a colour to dye over it. There, I said it. Mainly because when I was in Boots today looking for a stage 1 colourant I couldn't find one. It was either semi-permanent 24 washes or permanent. Nothing in between. So I have no safety net here. My hair has been red, pink, blonde, ginger, dark brown, purpley brown, reddy brown. Any of these are in there. Who knows what colour it will be.

Let me tell you about the process. I bought two boxes of ColourB4, even though many people told me I'd only need one box I bought two. I'm very glad I did, I went on the principle that I need two boxes for dye, I'll need two for this. And what do you know? I did. It goes onto dry hair so my very thick hair had absorbed a whole bottle before I even knew it. I applied it with a wide toothed comb section by section. It took ages to apply, but that is the thickness of my hair I'm sure if you have normal hair it won't take anywhere near so long. Go by how long it takes to dye it and you have an excellent indication. Once the hair was all covered I brushed it through with the comb till I was sure everything was covered. Then I popped the tin foil over it. There was a good reason for this. Apparently if you have thick hair you should use clingfilm to keep the hair warm as the product is activated by heat. The thing is I figure cling film is a similar product, plus I have a total Joe from Eastenders thing going on at the moment. I'm sporadically heating it with the hairdryer and the tinfoil is holding the heat so that's got to be a good thing. I have 20 minutes left before the epic rinse session. Ten minutes rinsing, then put the buffer on, then 1 minute wait, then rinse the hair for 10 minutes, then put the buffer on again then another ten minute rinse. If I had a waterproof book I'd take it with me.

Wish me luck.


Here is my super dark hair

Part 2.

I'm all towel dried and as pruney as I think I have ever been. Seriously, half an hour of rinsing. I took the advice of the instructions and set the ten minute timer on my phone and just hit it for each rinse process. I've never been so bored rinsing but I did it. It got a bit tough when I was rinsing out the buffer as my hair was all squeaky and it tends to stick together as it was clean. The second time around with the buffer was even harder but just keep on rinsing. So I popped out of the shower, towel dried and BLAM! My hair is lighter.

colour b4 result

It has removed a lot of the colour as you can see. It turned me into a total ginger. In better light it is actually lighter. I knew I wanted to get a toner and just tone out the ginger to an ash blonde colour. But here is where the hard part starts. You see the hard part isn't the rinsing or even the application but it is trying to find a stage 1 6-8 wash toner or semi permanent colourant. I hunted EVERYWHERE. Boots, Semichem, Superdrug, eventually I found a packet of stage 1 semi perm which lasts 6 washes in a local Gordons Chemist. You have to get it much lighter than you want as the colour will naturally be much darker than normal. I ended up getting an ash blonde to balance out the brassiness. It was a ten minute colourant so I popped it on and took it off 5 minutes later. It was really dark, medium brown dark.

Now I have to say, I was gutted. Even though now I can see the colour build up is all gone, it's an even colour which will lighten with washing it still is so much darker. Not what I wanted, and even after following the instructions it was still too dark. It seems the tricky bit of the process is getting a colour which you can use with it. My only suggestion is that maybe they could release their own little range of toners to go with the product. Something that you know would work and not ruin your overall colour. I think that would be a great option as it is so tough to find toners.

As you can see it definitely works. Just follow the instructions to the letter and you'll be fine. It's a good product, I'd love a range of toners though it would make life so easy. Every pharmacy I went to had hardly any of it left so it is clearly very popular.

Hope you have had great results with it

Much Love

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