Feeling the Love :Engagement Presents, Marks and Spencer's Celebration Gift

As you all know me and my partner got engaged recently (obviously). One thing that I didn't realise was when you got engaged people buy you presents! Now I for one am a huge, huge fan of presents, aren't we all, but I was still a bit taken aback when people had sent us something. We haven't had many but we have had 3 or 4, I thought I'd do a little post today on one that I really, really liked.

On Thursday when himself arrived home with my ring I was unwrapping this present, you may remember that when I turned back around he was down on one knee with my ring in the box (shivers). When the excitement of putting on my ring died down I turned back to the huge box from Marks and Spencer, it turns out my future mother in law had sent us it, and it was lovely.

This is it it's called a Celebration Gift. It is a vintage cava, really yummy Belgian chocolates and a pair of champagne flutes. The only difference is that my flutes are just glass and not gold tinted like the picture. The first thing we did though was open the chocolates. Girls you all know me well by now and you know how much I love chocolate, but I swear they were amazing. Really, really rich. There's one that is a salted caramel in dark chocolate and when himself tried to take the matching one in the bottom layer I actually growled at him. I wish there was two boxes with it! Although typically me and himself like completely opposite chocolates, which is very handy. I'm all about nuts, pralines, nougat, mousses, he on the other hand loves the coffees, strawberry ones, caramels, fudges so with a box of Roses we are immense. 

Anyway, I didn't actually know Marks and Spencer did gift sets. I don't know why I hadn't realised, I was so impressed with mine though that I had to share it with you. The box it comes in is gorgeous and no doubt I will reuse it. I haven't tried the cava yet, I'm dying to, the flutes are lovely and heavy. Hopefully we'll cosy up tonight and break out the cava. I'm just sad we ate all the chocolates now.

Great picking from the future mother in law, I've been perusing through the Celebration Gift range and there are some that are completely gorgeous, the pamper set is amazing, and there are some gorgeous Rosé NV sets, Rosé sets with chocolates and a gorgeous pink rose plant and Swiss chocolate and red wine sets, there's even a Percy Pig set that comes with a piggy bank! Oh lord now I'm hungry. But it was a really lovely wee present to get for us and we were delighted so serious kudos has to be given to her. I think if I need any gifts for birthdays or anniversaries I'm totally going to pop online and order one of these as I'm really impressed with them. Which from me is high praise. My parents anniversary is coming up (34 years, my dad likes to comment that he'd get less for murder) I think I might send them one of the wine sets.

Thanks for reading girls, had to share, if you're near a Marks and Spencer go and try their Belgian chocolate boxes ah-may-zing!

Much Love and thanks to future mother in law

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