I Sleep In Your House With My Boots On: Making An Irregular Choice

Graduation shoes

Graduation shoes by inanityandthegirl 

Ok have I mentioned how much I am now obsessed with Polyvore? Well muchas is the answer here. Today girls I'm looking for a little help. I have finally got round to graduating from my PhD after deferring a couple of times because I haven't been in the country or didn't want to graduate in a snowy December. So graduation has arrived. I should point out the PhD gowns are completely different to normal black academic gowns, for a start they're red, I also get a super sexy black velvet pouffy hat to put on my head. So when it came to working out what to wear I was suitably convinced black was the way forward. So I picked a black dress. Obviously a vintage styled one, I've gone for a 1950's rockabilly swing dress in my very favourite black and white polka dots!

Wanna see? 

What do you think guys? Are you feeling it as much as me? I kinda love it. I have a small waist but big hips and swing dresses are notoriously flattering for that sort of thing. 

Now I decided that to do with this I'd opt for some pretty awesome shoes, well you have to don't you? And as Irregular Choice are my complete, undying favourite (I have many boxes that I stroke on a daily basis) I though they would be the place to go to for graduation shoes. 
I really don't want anything too high as I'm 5'10 and there's nothing worse than towering over everyone all day. I already won't be wearing them on stage, as heels and many steps in front of an awful lot of people, well lets say it's not the first time I've seen someone go flying on their face at graduation ceremonies. So girls what do we think. I'm kind of loving Aphrodite, the caged toe sling back what do you guys think?


Much Love 

Irregular Choice suede heels
$170 - irregularchoice.com

Irregular Choice block heels
$145 - irregularchoice.com

Irregular Choice polka dot handbag
$84 - irregularchoice.com

Irregular Choice green handbag
£65 - debenhams.com

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