Let Me Tell You My Philosophy: Philosophy Counters Hit Belfast

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I had the absolute pleasure today of popping down to the new Philosophy counter in Debenhams Belfast to be introduced to the range. I've been a long term user of Philosophy's shower gels and yummy body flavours. My particular flavour of choice has always been Gingerbread, oh my word girls until you've slathered yourself in gingerbread body lotion you've not lived. One of the reasons it's my favourite flavour is whenever I wear it people always tell me how yummy I smell. As a single girl let me tell you getting sniffed all night by hungry boys is no bad thing. But now I'm a fiancĂ©e, luckily himself is a big gingerbread fan. It played quite the role in our courtship so Philosophy has a special place in my heart. Until today I thought it had been discontinued but the girls told me it's out at Christmas! I am actually so excited about that it isn't even funny.

Today though I actually got to see the skincare range. I always seem to get so distracted by the gorgeous flavours I never get round to the skincare. Like a lot of you I always get a bit worried going up to counters and asking to be shown things. Believe me the Philosophy skincare range is huge! I would not have known where to begin with it had I not had help. The very lovely Chrystal is a Philosophy guru and she showed me around the range, I got to try out some of the most miraculous products in the range and got loads of great advice and tips.

I got to try the much lauded 2 step Microdelivery Peel, Hope in a Jar, The Great Mystery Daily Facial and their gorgeous hand cream. I got to try the Peel on my hand along with the Hope in a Jar afterwards and the difference in absorption of the moisturiser on the back of both hands was so crazy. On the hand which hadn't been treated with the Microdelivery Peel, the Hope in a Jar only partially absorbed. Whereas on the other hand it was gone, my skin drank it up. Quite something. When Chrystal popped The Great Mystery Daily Facial on my hand we waited for the 60 seconds and took it off, my hand felt so soft we both agreed it was a velvety sensation. Chrystal had said that when she has any kind of event or needs her skin to look great she does the Microdelivery Peel a couple of days before hand then The Great Mystery Daily Facial the morning of. This woman seriously knows her stuff! I am dying to try these out properly on my skin they have currently been bumped right up to the top of my wish list.

Chrystal also spied my engagement ring and said I needed to see the wedding gift set 'Here Comes The Bride'. Well now it was completely gorgeous, and very cute if you're looking for a present for a bride before her wedding, this will be perfect.

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Thankfully the gorgeous girls that they are, they gave us a little goodie bag which contained a very yummy Vanilla Birthday Cake Shower Gel/Shampoo and Grace Perfume along with 2 samples of the Microdelivery Peel, I joked with them that it was going on my face the second I got home. I was not lying I'm going to jump into the shower after this post and give it a shot. If you aren't familiar with Grace Perfume it's scented like soap and water in a spray it just smells so clean and fresh. I sprayed it on me and Himself told me I smelled like summer. Apparently when he was a little boy the kids on his street often couldn't afford proper water pistols so they used to fill up Fairy Liquid bottles and use those to squirt each other. So that soapy smell reminds him instantly of summer, which I think is pretty excellent.

If you're in Debenhams Belfast go and check out the range, Rebecca and the girls are so lovely. They'll show you the range, they'll let you try things out, and you don't have any pressure to make purchases they're just really passionate about what they do and want to help. I know so many of us feel intimidated by the counters but I can vouch for the loveliness of the Philosophy one-plus you HAVE to try the The Great Mystery Daily Facial and the Microdelivery Peel with the Hope in a Jar moisturiser (Oprah swears by it and JK Rowling has been spotted buying it) salon in a jar folks.
If I can I'll try and review them both for you guys so you can get an idea of their uses and effects. They are all definitely on my 'Must Have' list now. I'm taking my mum down next month for her birthday to treat her to some of the range, so that's definitely another excuse for me to get trying again!

Much Love

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