Paint The Whole World With A Rainbow: Inglot Opens In Belfast

I was delighted to be invited to the opening of the new Inglot store in Belfast Victoria Square. If you're not familiar with Inglot, it's a very high quality make up brand beloved by make up artists and fans worldwide. They have somewhat of a cult following. So I was excited to see the new store and I really wasn't disappointed.

The store although small packs an awful lot of punch. Sleek, sophisticated and brimming with colours. I've never seen Inglot in such close proximity and their nail range and eyeshadow colours were amazing. There's so much choice it's hard to know where to start. I took plenty of pictures to try and illustrate this.

Look at those nail colours! Gorgeous. There was so many things I wanted it was unbelievable! I was trying to tell myself that I don't need any more make up but I really wasn't believing that. 

One of the most unusual things was the very intuitive nature of the shopping experience. They have a fantastic 'Freedom System' which I loved. On arrival you can grab a magnetised board, all the eyeshadows, blushers, lip products and concealers are magnetised. If you see a colour you really like, pick it up, pop it on your magnetised board where it sticks and you can pick up more to build up your palette so they co-ordinate or even so that you're personalising your own choices. The palettes can be made up in different sizes but they're all completely customisable. What I really liked was the fact the lids are all magnetised, and they're very slim. You've been in the same situation I'm sure where the palette you love is far too big for your make up bag so when you go anywhere you can't take it with you. These are small, light and narrow so they'll fit in your make up bags no problem

At the event the staff were so lovely, they checked on us all the time and were so helpful and informed about the products. One lovely staff member even helped me pick some colours which would suit my eyes. I was so jealous of her own bright purple eye make up she showed me the colour they'd used. 

One thing I didn't realise is that they have a very glamorous movie set like make up area at the back, with directors chairs for make up. You can get lash extensions, make up, full lashes, a total makeover for a night out (I fully intend to get this done at some point). You can book in with their make up wizards and get a whole new look! 

If you get a chance call in and see the new store, the colours are phenomenal.I really can't wait to try more of the range! I'll be calling in on payday to make up a palette of my favourite colours. I can't wait!

Much Love

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