Pour Me A Cuppa: Gorgeous Quirky Jewellery From Jodie Anna

Teapot and Teacup Necklace

Sometimes I see things in my internet perusal that speak to me. When I happened upon Jodie Anna's shop whilst searching for bunting based jewellery it absolutely screamed Inanity and the Girl. I knew I had to feature it. It's been a while since I've seen so many pieces that I completely adore and want to wear. I'm besotted. Honestly the list of things I want is now so long it's ridiculous. She hand-makes jewellery that is really unique and inspired. She's an illustrator and has an obsession with afternoon tea that very nearly rivals my own. Are you all beginning to realise why I'm loving her work?

Jodie Anna creates illustrations around childhood memories, her tea fascination comes from memories of tea at her grandma's house, she uses her illustrations to create a narrative of her childhood. Even those of us who claim nostalgia's not what it used to be, her designs are certainly very persuasive. I'm a huge fan of nostalgia, so these are completely up my street.

I was going to do a really big ambling post about why I like the different pieces but honestly it's so self explanatory I think I'll just show you all the gorgeous photos so you can go 'ooooooooo' like I do.

Blue Floral Teapot And Teacup Brooch
Teapot and Teacup Brooch
Teapot and Tea Cup Ring
I actually saw this and just died of the awesomeness
Tea with the Queen charm necklace
I love this so much!
Cupcake Necklace
Cupcake Necklace
Why I love this is so self explanatory

Bunting Necklace
Anything bunting is so absolutely fine by me, and the quirky prints are gorgeous!

Bowler Hat and Moustache Necklace
Seriously, how awesome is this?
Postcard Brooch
I think if you have an outfit that needs a little bit of whimsy, this is for you

Bow Tie Necklaces
Because sometimes you really need to wear a bow tie

So there you have it, there's more lovely things on her shops but I had to show you my favourites. Didn't I tell you they were lovely? I apologise for those of you who are now lusting after loads of this jewellery, but I had to show you, this blog is nothing if not a fan of bunting!

And because I knew you would all love these to bits lovely Jodie Anna is offering a discount code for her Etsy shop, isn't that flipping lovely of her? So when you get to the checkout if you type in INANITY20 you get 20% off your order until 4th of July. Whoop! So you've totally got an excuse to shop. Would be rude not to.

She's on Twitter as @Jodie_anna
You can find Jodie Anna on Etsy here Jodie Anna Etsy Shop
On her blog here jodieanna

Much Love and Happy Tea Time



Erica said...

These are too cute!!!

Lauren xox said...

Ahhh! I must get these! As soon as I get paid tomorrow that cupcake necklace will be mine! Cheers love xxx


daisychain said...

Thank goodness it's payday tomorrow!

DawnieP said...

I knew you girls would love them! They're fab aren't they!!

Tru said...

I HAD to have the postcard brooch!

Sara said...

Love love love the bowtie necklaces!!! Hurry up payday!
Also think your special graduation necklace from your mister is gorge! You've a good eye for quirky fun jewellery.
s xx

Kim said...

Oooh they are lovely. I really like the bow tie necklaces. Oh screw it, I want it all! xx

DawnieP said...

@kim I also want it all! I love the brooches too, really unique and pretty!

@sara I love my rockabilly doctor necklace it is totally ace. I think he won some serious brownie points for that!

@tru good for you grabbing that postcard, isn't that so clever? I love it

fluff and fripperies said...

Adorable pieces Dawn! Have a great weekend lovely xo

Claire Elizabeth said...

eee I love all that cute jewellery :) xx

Adrian said...

OMG Those tea cup rings are the cutest things ever!

xx Adrian

his little lady said...

oh gosh, those rings are absolutely adorable!!!!
xo TJ

GlamorousGirl said...

love it!!!


JayneBecca said...

These pieces are really unusual! But pretty x

Adrienne said...

So adorable, I love them!

What Lola Wants

Elle Bee said...

This jewellery is all gorgeous! Lovely blog :)


Strawberry Blonde said...

Love it as you know, the bows are so cute!
Nic x

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