Puppy Love : Molly Some Of The Puppy Days

This is a post for the Molly fans out there. I do a lot of beauty, hair, fashion but you all know how much I love to throw in some pug pictures. Every time I post pictures of her she totally steals the show. I've promised more Molly posts so this is for you!

Here are some of her puppy pictures which I discovered in a little forgotten album.

When we got Molly, she was all paws and wrinkles. 14 weeks old and her mummy Candy had had enough of her barging her over to get milk. She was a greedy little sod even then.

This is her at about 15 weeks, our first week with her.

Here she is still a puppy, I used to have to put a hoodie on her because it was January and when she went on walks it was pretty cold for a tiny pup. Her full double coat hadn't come through so she was still only a baby.

Well this one is Molly being over affectionate as usual. She's about a year and a half here.

This is her first week. As a puppy she was obsessed with my pink fluffy robe every time I wore it she'd fall asleep. If you know how hyper pug puppies are you'll know that I tried not to take it off! Adorable though.

Nosy as ever, she's a big bath fan. In another hoodie that she'd been given as a gift. Since she's gotten bigger she doesn't like them as much anymore.

I love this picture. I always say it's Molly doing her LOL face. In actuality it's a yawn but Shush!

When we lived in my old apartment there was a Starbucks at the end of the road. We used to walk her down, we'd get ourselves a coffee and we'd get her a warm milk. This is the result!

This is one of my favourite pictures, self explanatory!

So there we have it folks. 

Hope you enjoyed a little Molly fix for the weekend.

Much Love

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