They Say That The Neon Lights Are Bright On Broadway: NYC Neon Collection

I have a confession to make, I haven't been feeling summery at all. Even when the weather was nice I just couldn't get into the swing of it, and now since it has turned super rainy again summer seems to have disappeared into the ether. So consider me pretty happy when I got sent these gorgeous neon brights from NYC to review. They remind me of summer evenings in Miami, full of neon and warm feelings. So maybe this will make you feel summery too.

Check out my 'Jackson Pollock' nails! I thought to myself 'I love all these colours, I want to wear them all now!' On they went!

neon nail polish
My melty nails

nail polish

neon eyeshadows
Look at these gorgeous eye colours

2 eyeliners. I'm a really big fan of the pen liner. I know for a lot of people it is desperately uncooth but they're so much easier to work with. The NYC collection has both pen and brush.

Sky Rise mascara

neon eye shadow
Here it is on my eyes! I love the mixture it makes me feel summery already! 

eye shadow eyelash extension
I love this colour combination. That's not me tooting my horn, but I went with the 'slap it all on' mentality! I think with neons it's all about colour combos.

neon make up
Here's another little picture of the colours together.

So what do you think guys. Do neons make you feel summery?

Also before I go have to say a little thank you to Julie Malone who I know is a blog reader, thanks for the engagement present of Hotel Chocolat truffles and gorgeous little card, they totally got eaten! Himself and I fought it out for the last one, (I won). 

Much Love and Rays


Roses and Rockets said...

Wow that nail polish is divine, the colours go so well together!

daisychain said...

AMAZING, love your nails <3

Megan Jane said...

Love your eye shadow - so pretty! xo

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