Wedding Wednesday: Teacups, Starting a Habit

I find myself all the time looking at pictures of things that I like for this aspect of the wedding or that. I even set up a pinterest board for just that purpose! I decided that I'd love some feedback or even just similar ooooohs and ahhhhs on things I like and I think having somewhere I can put all my ideas down would be amazing. So I decided to set up a weekly post (maybe fortnightly depending on how rubbish I am) dedicated to wedding ideas. I'd love your opinions or feedback. Maybe you're getting married too you may even see something you like!

DIY Tea Cup candles

Today is all about my ongoing obsession with teacups. I ADORE vintage (as you know) and teaparty based festivities are exactly what I want. Can you picture it? No? Let me assist you. So today I'm thinking tea cups, tea cup centrepieces, favors etc.

Cup of tea

I love cherry blossoms, this is completely gorgeous

beautiful tea cup

This one I love because of the colours. Peonies are one of my favourite flowers.

tea cup topiary

Love this, a teacup topiary!

tea cup table

I like this idea for a dedicated table

tea cup

Just so much love for this picture! Although I do think 'what happens if someone knocks that over, tea everywhere'

tea cup candlestick

I love this! tea cup chandeliers.

Tea cup hat

I know this isn't a table setting but heck if my guests came with one of these I would be ecstatic!

Tea cup.

I like the flowers in tea cups idea. I wonder about the practicality, but look how pretty!

tea cup

I don't think this would be my colour scheme but I really love the boldness of it

tea cup favors!

I loved these favours, a little plain for me but I like the presentation

Tea Cup Cupcakes

I actually have these little silicon cups for cupcakes, I love the bows and labels though

Tea cup centrepieces

This is gorgeous!

tea cup

So much love for this, what a nice way to present name cards

tea-cup stands

Cake stands made from vintage tea cups! Love it.

Tea Cup Lights

I want this!

tea cup vases

Unusual combination but I love it

tea party, tea cup


Vintage Parisian Chic Teacup Centrepieces

Paris gorgeousness

Teacup centrepieces? maybe even for a kitchen tea party

Amazing place name settings

Tea cup lamp

That one is just for me. I ADORE this lamp, how amazing is it!?

So there you have it folks my very first wedding Wednesday, what do you think about tea cups? Do you have any thoughts or has it all been done?

Much Love

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