Wish Upon An Eyelash: Medi-Cosmetic Give Me Some Wonderful Eyelashes

My eyes have been looking awfully sad recently. It's been quite a while since I've had proper lashes in and boy am I feeling it. I think my make up gets much more boring when my lashes are looking sad. I don't have much in the way of natural lashes, they're poker straight and blonde. No amount of coaxing, curling or chemicals seems to change this which is why I love lash extensions. You all know this, it's why I've never been shy in telling you all I love to wear them. I was recently asked by the lovely folk at Medi-Cosmetic who have a gorgeous salon on Bloomfield Avenue in Belfast (you know the lovely boutique street) if I'd like to try some lash extensions. Well I didn't need to be asked twice!
Of course!

When I was chatting to the fabulous staff at the clinic I didn't realise how much they did! From microdermabrasion, peels, dermal fillers, semi permanent make up, skin analysis, acne treatments, cellulite removal, they even offer surgical procedures! With a huge list of treatments it was hard to pick just one and I will no doubt have to go back for some more, I've already been checking out their Bridal packages.

I popped into Medi-Cosmetic on Thursday for a patch test, to check the glue wouldn't give me a reaction. This is the first time I've ever had to have a patch test and I was so glad to have it as it really comforted me that they were so thorough. So I popped out after having my test and was ready to come back the next day. 
So the next day arrived and I skipped into the salon, granted it was more akin to a run due to the awful weather but either way I hurried along. 

After filling out paperwork I sat down my therapist and we discussed the treatment. She was so thorough it was fantastic. She looked at my lashes whilst I lamented their straightness, she checked the shape of my eyes to see which looks would suit me. Eventually we decided upon a natural look to define and bulk out my somewhat sparse lashes. My therapist said she'd like to tint my lashes too to get a really natural look and integrate the lashes better. I was thrilled. It was wonderful how conscientious she was about the overall look.

So after my tint on went the lashes which involved a lot of lying still. My therapist was so lovely and was always checking if there was any sting or letting me know what to expect. It was so relaxing, I nearly fell asleep a couple of times as she did it. Once we were all done I checked out my new fuller and darker lashes. There seems to be so much more of them than before.

I've attached some before and after shots so you can see the difference the tint and natural extensions made.

Before and after, check out my very blonde natural lashes

You can really see the difference the extensions made here.

It has added a lot of shape to my natural lashes

The side view here really shows it off. Bear in mind they were really straight, so that lovely fan in the top picture is lovely to see.

In all they're so much thicker and prettier and no-one knows they're not real (apart from you and me shush!) even under close scrutiny I can't see the joins. A really talented piece of eyelash extension. I'll definitely be back and I'm bringing Himself to get him a red light facial as the girls are so helpful and talked me through the treatments that we might like. 

Just a lovely experience. Big thanks to the girls at Medi-Cosmetic.

Much Love 

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