Brush It Off: Catwalk Glamour's Professional Make Up Brushes

I've been eyeing up a good set of make up brushes for a long time now. I've bought heaps of brushes in the past thinking any brush would be fine, but this is not the case. They've all shed, or not blended well, I gave up on mineral foundation because my brushes just wouldn't blend and hold the powder properly. I've since discovered that good brushes are an investment but what exactly makes a brush good?

Good brushes need to have natural hair unless you're using wet products like foundations, man made fibres are better for that as they don't absorb the moisture.Natural hair is much better for dry products, they need to be soft, hold their shape, are sturdy, have an easily holdable base for application and give a nice smooth effect. When the lovely folk at Catwalk Glamour asked if I'd like to review a set of their brushes I immediately said yes, I'd seen the brushes on their website and they were lovely quality. Leather case, soft natural hair and birch wood handles. I had to check them out.

The brushes arrived in a leather case, really soft and durable.

I wanted to try the brushes out with my mineral make up. I used Lily Lolo mineral make up for these pictures. I had bought the mineral make up in the past and not been able to get the finish I wanted so I thought I'd give it a go with these natural fibre brushes.

I was pleased with the way the mineral make up blended

I've blended out the mineral eyeshadow here. It held very well to the brush and was gentle on my eye. I'm always worried about anything too hard on the eyes as the skin is so soft but these were lovely and gentle.

Bit of a close up on the cheek I've used mineral foundation and mineral blush.

This picture shows off the blending but also the little bit of highlighting on the lip.

I was really impressed with the brushes, they're a very high quality set which retail at £150 on Catwalk Glamour. The bristles are soft, hold the powder and allow easy blending, even concealer powder which is usually a stumbling block for me worked very well as I've shown above. 

The very lovely folk at Catwalk Glamour knew that the readers of Inanity and the Girl were ardent beauty lovers and wanted to give you all a very special treat. 

Inanity and the Girl readers can use the code 8sable40 to get a whopping £110 off these brushes

Yup £110 off, which means you get them reduced from £150 to £40. Whoop! 

So give yourself a treat and get yourself some gorgeous birch handled professional brushes.

Much Love

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