I Need A Hero: 12 Weeks of Testing Soap and Glory's Night in Shining Armour and Make Me Youthful Serum

I have made no secret of the fact I have difficult skin. On this blog in the past I've often moped that this and that cream is too heavy for my skin. Creams I think will suit me and have bought full of hope often clog my pores and make me breakout. It can be very tricky.

This is why when I do skincare cream reviews I do long periods of testing. It came from the first time I had bought a night cream (no.7) and had applied it to my face every night. All was going well my skin was soft and I felt good, until after 3-4 weeks in when my skin started getting annoyed with it. Spots started appearing, bumps popped up. I persisted with the cream eliminating other culprits until 2 months later only the cream remained and my spots were still in place. I stopped using the cream and the spots were gone within the week. My point (I had one I'm sure of it) is that often things will play nicely with my skin for the first few weeks then seemingly all hell will break loose. So when it comes to long term night creams and serums I have put in place a long term testing process. 12 weeks to be exact. Yup 12. I don't accept many creams to try because I take so long to test them but I want to give them a fair go.

So today testing is finished on my Soap and Glory Night in Shining Armour and Make Me Youthful Serum. Both products I decided to use together to create a skin care system.

Make Me Youthful Serum

 This is a super rejuvenating face serum, it stimulates collagen, keeps moisture in, softens and smooths skin. I used the serum in the morning mixing it with my foundation or putting it on my skin after the shower. I was unaware that Soap and Glory did a serum but delighted to hear that they did and it was award winning to boot. As I remarked earlier heavy creams do not agree with my skin so I was excited to try the serum and I tested it every morning under my make up and during the day as and when was required.

It has a lovely light texture, and absorbs quickly and easily. I really like adding it to foundation as it glides nicely over the skin and often gives a nice dewy look.

Night in Shining Armour Night Cream

The night in shining armour cream I used every night. It's supposed to reduce wrinkles, boost skin smoothness, increase elasticity, tone the skin. I was deliberately quite sparing with it as I thought it was quite thick and didn't want to overwhelm my skin. The cream was rubbed into my face and neck. It reminded me of a proper vintage cold cream which I loved. Once I had smoothed it in small circles it settled in very quickly and absorbed which I was pleased about. There is nothing worse than an unabsorbed cream which sits on the skin making it greasy. When I woke up it was gone and my skin was not greasy or wet so I was pleased.

The Results

So after 12 weeks what were my results? Well I could attempt to show you dramatic before and after shots of my skin but to be honest I don't have any lines and it would be pointless. The results for me have come from texture, tone and smoothness. What I wanted was a serum that would provide my skin with moisture during the day and boost it with nutrients. I felt the Make Me Youthful serum did this. It absorbed rapidly and left my skin feeling awake and smooth in the morning. It was so light I had no trouble with it on my sensitive skin and suffered no breakouts due to it.

If anything I thought would give me breakouts it would be the night in shining armour night cream. I was genuinely surprised to find it didn't. Less heavy creams have made me breakout in the past but this one gave me no reaction. Even the fact it was perfumed, usually a bad omen for my skin did not seem to matter. The cream went on every night and my skin happily absorbed it, in the mornings it would be very soft, smooth but not greasy which is something I was hugely grateful for.

After the 12 weeks with the two products working in conjunction with each other I've found that my skin is in much better condition, it's smoother, more plump and it just looks better. It's hard to describe but make up seemed to spread more easily over it as the skin is nicely hydrated. I also don't seem to get any of the horrid dry spots that plagued me at the start of the year.

To conclude, certainly it's been a long 12 weeks and a very thorough test. I've been really pleased with the products and it was lovely of Soap and Glory to send me them to try. The serum I think is a long term winner it's so light and easy to work with I won't be removing it from my routine full stop. It has to be one of my favourite skincare products I've tried this year.

The Night in Shining Armour cream I will be hanging onto also. For a cream to agree with my skin in the long term is a hard task so I'll be keeping this one as well. The only downside I think some people may have with it is it is quite perfumed. I thought the perfume was nice and certainly no more than others in its ilk but I know many of you aren't a fan of perfumed night creams. Definitely have a sniff in the shop, I doubt you won't like it but just in case!

So there we go 12 weeks and for me 12 more quite happily I'm very pleased. It's nice to do long running skincare tests even if it sometimes means putting delays on other testing. I hope you've all enjoyed this one it's been a long time coming! If you're in any soap and glory stockists definitely have a look for these two as they're well worth your time!

* Disclaimer -I've been asked why I haven't shown before and after pictures, I thought I'd answered above but just to clear things up. I'm in my 20s and I don't have any lines, I also don't have spot prone skin, what makes my skin spotty is usually creams that are too heavy.
I haven't shown before and after pictures because visually there is no difference for the camera to see, the difference I can feel is in the softness, the way make up is now reacting to my skin, how easily it glides over it and that there's no dryness these creams have allowed me to have a good moisturising system to protect my skin with no reaction.
For me what I was looking for was a moisturiser which would prevent aging and keep my skin soft and happy as I have such a hard time finding moisturisers my skin doesn't hate. So I was pleased with this!*

Much Love Girls

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