I Should Be So Lucky: Kylie's Music Box Perfume

I love reviewing perfumes, I spent many years working in a perfumery and it's lovely to get a chance to write about them again. When Kylie's Music Box perfume came through my door I was really curious to see what it would smell like. The other Kylie fragrances Darling and variations of have never really appealed to me as they've always been too sweet for my nose. So I wasn't sure what to expect.

I was delighted to get a Kylie The Best Of CD with the perfume, as I love Kylie's music. I've already burned it to my iPhone so I can listen to it. It is amazing, I've been entertaining myself with the Can't Get You Out Of My Head dance routine. The little bottle is very cute, all pink with a key handle like design on the lid, very girly and pretty.

So what does it smell like? Well Kylie has said that it's called Music Box because of her love of the surprise and excitement that comes from them, so the fragrance has to embody this surprise and excitement.
With top notes of raspberry, strawberry and bergamot (a personal favourite of mine) the fragrance is more fruity than her usual more floral offerings. The middle notes of freesia, rose and orange blossom do add a more floral level but it isn't as overpowering with the fruit top notes. On the base are warm scents of amber, sandalwood and white musk which adds a depth and heat to the upper fruity floral combination. 

Initially when I put this on I thought it was quite sweet, but as the perfume developed on my skin the sandalwood scent came out much more strongly adding a woody element to the sweetness which was a very welcome dimension. 
It reminded me slightly of Beyonce's Heat though slightly less sweet. People who enjoy a sweet, fruity fragrance will like this. My current favourite fragrance on my wishlist is the amazing Bottega Veneta it has a peppery fruitiness which shares the same bergamot element. So even those who like more earthy scents like me can find a really pleasing element in this.

A lovely little summery scent, it made me think of evenings at a beach party. 

Much Love folks, I'm off to do the locomotion!

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