Inanity and the Girl Hits BuyaPowa!

The lovely folk from Buyapowa put out a call to all their bloggers, asking us what summer products are our must haves. If we could pick anything what would it be. I stroked my chin for a while and pondered what I need in summer. I came up with my list, kick ass aviator shades, legwarmers, and Fake Bake Mousse.

I was delighted when I heard from Buyapowa saying that they loved my item and had picked my Fake Bake Mousse suggestion for one of their co-buys. Well that was me very happy, my current can is nearly empty and I need more urgently so I will be availing of this co-buy. I'm a big fan of the Fake Bake Mousse because it goes on with colour, so you know where you've been but it also means you have instant colour! Hurrah, no developing worry, no scary accidents just lovely golden colour. As it's a mousse the texture makes it non drip and easy to apply as it runs over your skin smoothly.

It's been part of my bathroom essentials for about 5 years no so I hope some of you all get a brilliant bargain and enjoy it as much as me. Thank you to Buyapowa for picking me. I've been told it will be live on the site at 11pm tonight so go for it girls!!

Much Love

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