London Calls Again: Marks And Spencer's Perfume Tribute To The City

With the world's focus seemingly being on  London at the moment it is hardly surprising that Marks & Spencer's London fragrance should be in the spotlight. The perfume adds to the other city range New York from M&S. When I heard about the fragrance I instantly thought about the Burberry London fragrance, knowing that it's a very woody soft fragrance I wondered how M&S would interpret the scent of London.

If asked how would I create a fragrance that reflected London, I just don't know. I think for me I'd be trying to work out how to get the scent of rain in a bottle, but that's just me. M&S have been much more sensible and have focused on evoking 'The cultural melting pot that is London'. They've added swathes of citrus, spice, musks, florals and a little bit of pepper to make up the scent. It is a lot of big bold smells. Reading the key notes I wondered if it was going to be a fight in the bottle between all of these great big smells!

In actuality it harmonised very well. It's a bold fragrance which I think will appeal to women who love musky perfumes, the classic YSL fragrance fans will like this. I'd describe it as a fragrance which will appeal to an older woman, this is based on my own personal preference though and just experience of what certain age ranges like in a fragrance. The powerful musky undertones are always popular with older women as it stays on the skin unlike lighter fragrances. As we know as the skin ages it is less able to hold on to fragrance so this is definitely going to be a scent that will create an impact with wearers that want a boldness in their perfume.

The bottle is big, weighty and satisfyingly chunky. It feels good in the hand and the design is lovely and clean! If you're in M&S have a good sniff and see what you think!

Much Love

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