Nails For The Stage: Marks and Spencer Limited Collection Polishes

I'd been pondering my polish for the graduation pictures for ages. I'm stuck with that picture forever and holding the plastic scroll makes your nails and jewellery very prominent. You guys know I hate being in photos anyway so I was not looking forward to it. The lovely folks from Marks and Spencer took the issue out of my hands (no pun intended) and serendipitously on that day a little packet of 2 of the new nail polishes from their Limited Collection arrived. Wonderful. Even better, I loved them.

The first colour I seized on, Aubergine, a dark browny purple taking its name from the vegetable's colour. I immediately put it on as I love a good pulp fiction colour, and it's such an unusual one.

My nails with flash, isn't it a fabulous colour?

My mum who is a notorious lover of pinks, lilacs, nudes and mink colours seized on the other polish, very simply called Pink. She painted her nails this colour for the graduation. I had to teach her the classic beauty blogger 'how to show off nails and hold nail varnish bottle at the same time' pose.

This is the result! Welcome to the blog Mama Pants!

It's a gorgeous colour isn't it? So super summery!

I had to show you it on me as well, and I also wanted to show you my special graduation balloon (embarrassing but I was so chuffed with it) so I handed himself my camera and let him take a few snaps. He started laughing at my attempts to pose, and then he couldn't stop and then I couldn't stop.
As you can see it descended into silliness.

Thank you Marks and Spencer our nails were emblazoned beautifully and mine still haven't chipped which is fabulous. 
Plus they're only £3.50!
If you want to check out the polishes nip over here 

Much Love

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