Stain It Up: NYC 16h Lip Stain

I fear lipstick. I do, I've tried and it just can't seem to take to it with the same joy and abandon as my contemporaries. So when it comes to glosses, stains and tints, I am a big fan. Anything that will give me a little colour, that isn't heavy, that isn't going to stick on my teeth or partially come off all over everything.

Enter New York Color, NYC to the cool kids. They've brought out a range of lip stain pens which are similar to a felt tip, dry quickly, you don't actually know you're wearing them which appeals to me hugely. I don't want to feel like I'm wearing lip product. I hate gloopy product, I hate my lips sticking together, I hate feeling panicked that I need to check the mirror and make sure my lipstick is still on. Truth be told I rarely ever check the mirror when I'm out and I don't take a make up bag out with me. In my bag there is often just a lip gloss kicking about, so something easy, quick, durable and light is perfect.

There are 6 different shades from oranges, pinks, to reds and berry colours. I've had the opportunity to try out 4 of them on my lips to let you see their shades.

A lovely light orange for any of you who want to try the orange trend without being too brazen about it

A pretty and light pink which gives colour to the lips but won't upstage any eye make up you're wearing

This is such a powerful colour, even in daylight I don't think the camera fully captured the POW factor. Definitely a bright one!

This is another powerhouse colour, I'm wearing it below and you can get an idea of how potent it is. Definite favourite.

When I was taking these pictures I had no doubt of how long the staining lasted, for 2 reasons. Firstly taking the previous colour off between shots took a lot of make up remover and vigorous rubbing! Secondly when I  applied the Berry Long Time as my last stain to photograph I just left it on and went about my day, I hadn't given it much thought and went to the pool to swim as normal. So after 50 laps I was pretty surprised when I looked in the mirror and my lip stain was still there bold and bright, even with me underwater, rubbing my eyes, rubbing my face, having a shower. I was pretty impressed. 

Tips I would give with it are I found that the nib works better when you're a bit rough with it, I bent mine a bit and got a lot more colour. Also put it on and let it dry in to your lips, once dry off you go!

I'm wearing Berry Long Time in this picture

They're only £2, which is an absolute bargain by anyone's standards, definitely perfect for holidays and staying glam when mucking around in the sea or by the pool!

Much Love

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