Tell Me Your Hair-story: Ooooh New Hair!

I have a love hate relationship with hairdressers. My hair is difficult at the best of times, ridiculously thick, curly, dry and unruly, when cut too short it sticks straight out and if bad technique is used it frizzes beyond belief. It has taken me a LONG time to find someone I trust with my hair. To find someone who will say no to that fringe that is super trendy but makes my jaw look really square, or talks me out of the short crop that is in vogue. In short someone who knows what they're talking about and who doesn't make me spend the whole time in the chair panicking.

 I've sat in so many hairdresser's chairs panicking, and I've had some disasters. Like for example the time I could put my entire head of thick shoulder length hair up in 1 bobbypin (see before picture below for just how much hair had to be taken out for that to happen). It had been thinned so severely there was barely anything left but patches and thin length. I've also had it cut too short numerous times and had a painful growing process where it grew out rather than down because the hairdresser had used thinning scissors so I had lots of much shorter lengths.

The time I got a colour and came home to find half of my head had no colour on it and had to do my own colour later that night to cover the bleached strips that they had pre lightened but not covered. Or the time I went to the latest thing in stylish salons for a really vintage inspired updo and they ignored everything I had asked for and gave me hair reminiscent of The Jetsons meets Mars Attacks meets Ladybird Johnson with a bouffant and tight frizzy curls which resulted in me having to fork out a lot of money to then go home and try and straighten the mess out. There are so many instances and I wish I could say that it had only happened in cheap salons, but I have paid a lot of money over the years in big salons for bad hairdos, including one memorable instance where I came home and cried and bought hair extensions.

Thankfully I discovered Maggs when I got so sick of my hair and booked into Toni and Guy for an appointment with their Senior Stylist and it was Maggs. Since then she's opened her own salon Uber Hair on the Lisburn Road, I've never gone to anyone else unless I'm not in the country or sometimes lured by a new trendy store. I always inevitably end up back with Maggs as I have never (hand on heart) left her chair unhappy. I always seem to have my expectations exceeded which is really saying something for old fussy drawers me! I popped into her salon today to get my hair cut for my graduation on Tuesday. I have to live with the picture for many, many years so my hair needed to be good.

I went in with pretty battered seriously thick hair, all dry and damaged, my colour wasn't even and my texture was shot from the GHDs (ooops). My poor, poor hair! Thankfully they didn't run screaming from me!

Seriously thick hair.

We had a quick chat about what I wanted, I pointed out that I don't wear my hair up and my long length at the back was just a nuisance rather than a style choice. So we decided to chop it off. But because I have a long face there was no point in cutting it at the front so we dislocated my front pieces and swooped it down like a completely punk version of the classic bob. Lovely Rebecca then did my colour, we decided on an all over chocolate with not too much red then piecing some caramel smudge colour through the front sections so that when the texture moved it popped out, an ombre of sorts I guess but very strategic!

I loved the idea, so as I read Feast for Crows (it's the most boring Game of Thrones book isn't it?) drank tea I waited for the finish!

And here's the final look!

What do we think folks?
 Lots of texture, the colour is more vibrant in real life but the best light was gone when I got out of the salon!
I am completely loving it, big thanks to Maggs and Pascal and the team for another great hair cut, it's well worth the cost as I always end up happy!

So tell me girls, what are you hair disasters and triumphs! It might be mean but I love a good hair disaster story when it's not happening to me!

Much Love

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