The Very, Very Lazy Girl's Guide To Beauty

A few months ago before Christmas I wrote the lazy girls guide to beauty and you were all very lovely and enjoyed it. I promised another installation but had been pretty uninspired for a while. There's only so many secrets a lazy girl can dispatch in one fell swoop you know! But now fear not, I bring you the very VERY lazy girls guide to beauty.

I have the mantra that beauty shouldn't be time consuming, after all who has the time to be faffing about with cleansers and toners for hours. Not me. I like tips and tricks, products and potions that will save me time, energy and have an effect. I don't like waiting, I don't like being disappointed, but most of all I really hate taking forever to get something done. So I've compiled a small list of my current favourite time saving lazy tips and products. This most certainly is not exhaustive, it's just my current favourite things that I'm finding are saving me time, that you guys could maybe introduce into your routines.

Here goes:

1. Talcum powder is your friend.
Yeah you heard me, those bottles your granny gets you every year, it's awesome stuff. I discovered how fabulous as a student about 8 years ago. Before dry shampoo folks! My hair was in dire need of a wash and I was going out that night. I sprinkled some of my talcum powder on my paddle brush gave it a shake and brushed it through my hair. It instantly soaked up any oil in the hair, the colour of the talc disappeared as it was brushed through. My hair smelt yummy and sat really well with acres of volume. Bingo!
So these days I keep an eye out for perfume sets at Christmas with talc to match the perfume. It's gorgeous in the hair. My very favourite was a sparkly pink talc brought out for Vivienne Westwood's Boudoir perfume. The little sparkles and the scent would stay in my hair and I loved it!
These days I prefer my talc option to dry shampoo, it's less costly, it lasts longer in the hair and you don't run out of it nearly as quickly! It also makes me feel like I'm in the court of Versailles with Marie Antoinette powdering my hair! So for instantly clean looking, fresh smelling, volumised hair you can't go wrong!

2. Instant Make Up
If you are in any way unsure of hand, or dubious of your make up ability well fear not I have come to rescue you with what I feel is the ultimate in amazing lazy girl make up! Instaeye are something which I have discovered recently and boy are they good. Any lazy beauty genius worth her salt knows why paint on your own eyeliner when you can apply a perfect symmetrical liner transfer to each eye which will stay put all night not smudge or run away. Yup you can buy stick on eye liner and it is elaborate and gorgeous and you can boast at length of your liner prowess to your amazed friends who will never know that you are queen of the lazy beauty geniuses. Bravo you!
And guess what, too lazy to faff with blending and brushes and all that nonsense but want to get a proper smoky eye that looks like a processional might have done it? Fear not they also do eyeshadow stickers which press onto the eye and give you instant smoky eye in a whole litany of colours when you peel them off. It really is ingenious and totally up the lazy girl street. Even combine the shadow and the liner stickers and the the ultimate no fuss, no mess perfect make up true lazy style!

3. Brushes
Say you decide to be more ambitious and grow tired of stick on eyeshadow. It happens to the best of us. How can a lazy girl take the hassle out of make up. Let me tell you girls, a good set of brushes that's how. Cheap brushes that don't blend well, that shed and result in you picking hairs off your face or blending for half an hour even though nothing is happening are a total time waster. If you want to cut down on your make up time get yourself a good set of natural make up brushes which will blend well, allow you to shade and apply and cut down on time. Invaluable. If you missed my recent post on a great set of brushes you can catch it here with an included discount code

4. Double side Bronzer
The innocuous little bronzer occupies all of our make up bags but a good bronzer will save you valuable time. Grab yourself a bronzer which is double sided both light and dark. Take a kabuki brush and sweep the light bronze over the face gently, then take a smaller brush and use the darker bronze to accentuate cheek bones shadowing them in. This can also been used on jaw lines or collar bones. It can be used to narrow noses also if so required. Why is this lazy? Well because with 1 compact you've just given yourself a light golden glow popped out your cheek bones created the impression you've toned your face and accentuated and defined the plans of your face. 1 compact, 2 brushes. Easy and lazy and you can continue eating cake! Huzzah.

5. Topcoat Royalty
I resisted the urge to add a press on manicure, although they're lovely and I've heard they're very hard wearing they strike fear into me a bit and it's hard to feel fabulous with press on nails. So number 5 is the topcoat. Beauty goddesses need amazing nails and polish as we all know has the annoying habit of chipping. Some I've known to chip after an hour of wear. This is not good. The lazy beauty genius does not want to be constantly applying new polish rather she wants hers to stay put until she chooses to change it. So a steadfast topcoat is required. For the job may I suggest Seche Vite the king of topcoats creating that lovely vinyl like sheen and keeping your nails perfect! Those of you who want an extra bit of longevity and aren't fickle with colour go check out some gel nails and get yourself a manicure that stays put for weeks!

6. The accessory
I am not trendy. I'm not. I don't change the contents of my wardrobe every year rather im prone to buying things I know will always look fabulous regardless of trends moving. So instead of worrying about keeping up with things I've made it a point to buy a fabulous (usually oversize) piece of on trend accessory. Whether it be a neon oversize bag, the huge print scarf, the geek chic glasses, the satchel, the oversize watch. Buy a piece as bold as possible (hence the oversize) and bring any outfit quickly up to date in true easy lazy girl style. I should point out that this photo was taken when I had a reaction to an eyeliner and my eye was all swollen. As you can see I hid it behind my glasses. No make up in this picture also but accessories are helping!

There you have it my lazy girls, keep it lazy and awesome and always remember there's no shame in taking beauty short cuts! Smart girls take every short cut going!

Much love

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