You Need a Glow Job: Soap And Glory And Your Summer Skin

I am deathly pale and I dread summer because I seem to have to keep a regime of self tanning up to make me look summery at all. The lovely folk at Soap and Glory seemed to hear my pleas as they sent me this product called Glow Job. Now when I've seen Glow Job on the shelves I've been a bit confused, I use Hocus Focus and Bright Here, Bright Now and this product seems to have more illuminating qualities listed on the box. I was a bit confused as to how it differed from the other products I used, as I use Glow All Out also. I thought I was all glowed out!

So my initial tests for this product were working out the differences and similarities so I could place it in the product line. The instructions say to squeeze a pea sized blob of it onto your hand so I did.

Here is the pea sized blob, it looks like a normal cream, at this point I didn't see any difference. The rest of the instructions say to rub it and burst the little pearls into the cream.

Ooooooh look at this! The pearls contain tan and the cream is similar to hocus focus in that it has illuminating properties. So you mix the two together to get a glowing cream with tan in it. So what's the result?
Here it is a light illuminated tan. I use it when I want to get a glowy look with a little bit of a tan. I think if you weren't as ridiculously pale as me you could probably wear this every day. I tend to wear this when I need a little bit of a tan or when I have a light tan on as it seems to glow it up and give me a really dewy look.

This is it completely mixed in you can see the slight tan and glow from it. 
It's a lovely product although maybe not for you if you're super pale and want to use it every day perhaps Hocus Focus would do the same thing without the tan. If you have non pale skin I think this will be right up your street as any kind of olive tone will completely set it off and really be gorgeous, if you want less tan pearls I'd use less of the lotion and mix it with a little blob of glow all out.

So there you have it, if you were confused, I hope that has unconfused you. Hope you are all loving your summer skin!

Much Love 

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